Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Wiper...oh wiper

This morning, Jeanette & Mick (Mc Manus, the Executive Dean of BACS UQ) came for a talk with the FSG staff.

As usual, I was the one entertaining them and I accompanied them to INTEC Section 17 for another talk. When were were about to make a move from INTEC (after everything was done), I got a call from a lady...with a harsh tone, asking me to move my car.

OMG! I forgot that I blocked someone else's car. (Well, double parking and blocking cars is a norm here, but we have to leave our phone no. on the dashboard for them to call just in case).

Parking lot is a big issue nowadays. We all feel the strengthening pinch of parking slots around FSG. Yet they still have this kinda 'gravestone' and unnecessary decorations near Block B. It is potty to put people at a parking disadvantage for eye-candy!

Oops! Ok, back to the story.
So, I told the lady that I was on my way from INTEC. With her rude intonation, she said "Boleh cepat sikit x? Panas tau kat sini (Can U please rush? It's a bit hot here)"

Dalam hati aku "Why on the earth would she want to wait there when it's hot? Idiot!"

Not long after that, she called again... "Are u coming? I'm waiting y'know"
And I answered " Yes, I am entering the main entrance now. Hold on"

Upon hearing this, Jeanette even wanted to help me to apologize but when we arrived there, she wasn't there anymore. I felt so guilty, so I still moved my car to somewhere nearer to Block A.

After office hour, I drove to Sham's office to fetch him... then only I realized that the rear wiper is missing. Actually, it's being broken. Not unscrewed. There was also some scratches in two spots.
Nothing else came to my mind but 'the lady'. It must be her.

I never thought there are still uncivilized ill-mannered lecturers in this uni. Anyway, today is your day. I still keep her hp no. Sooner or later, i know how to trace who u are. Watch out!


Night, we went to pick Mick & Jeanette at Sheraton and brought them to the Sunway Pyramid. We had a dinner at the Ole-Ole Bali. I love the lemon grass mojito drinks!

While dining, we chitchatted about Malaysian lifestyle (Jeannete said "Malaysians shop throughout the year, what do they do with the old stuff?"), Postgrad prospectus, updates on Brisbane, yada..yada...

And me, as usual...am busy snapping some photos. Ahah! This one is well-centred, though it was self-portraited.And also a pix of Adam with Aunt Jeanette, who wanted to make him an Aussie bloke!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Challenge: the longest apple peel

It's the Family Day for the Env Tech students. I attended, bringing along Sham & Adam. I thought it was just about being present at the event, so I didn't prepare anything.

Then, the students called Rusdin & I for the longest apple peel challenge.

It's such a challenge (bcoz I take things seriously, and didn't wannna be beaten by the students). The flaw was...they didn't time the challenge. So, regardless of how long u take to get the longest peel, it's not an issue- which means it's all about the skill!

While taking our own sweet time in the challenge, I told them Kelly's story that she once told me while peeling naval oranges or apples for me.
She said, in Korea, whoever can peel without having the peel break is believed to have beautiful kids. Hence she said - her mom is an expert in that. Hahaha....

When it's done & measured...I lost to the students, but Rusdin & I apparently got the same length of apple peel. Haha!

By the way, I googled and found that the record is held by Kathy Wafler Madison, 16, of New York, measured at 172' 4"long. No wonderI couldn't break the record bcoz she was a sales manager for an apple tree nursery :P

Other than that, they conducted various fancy games. Dr Wan who came later after that tried the coconut bowling, and Sham joined the tug-of-war.

Little Cikebum, as usual..is the centre of attraction. See... even Abun & Lina the lovebirds tried their parenting skills in advance! Hehehe...

Friday, January 18, 2008

Old times are good times

Attending the UQ Pre-departure seminar yesterday made me feel great for being able to supply prospective students with info on life in Brisbane. Indeed, David Richards said that my talk was good and helpful.

The video at the beginning of the talk reminds me of the euphoria when I was there.

Let's cut the stories of having a bz-body, judgmental housemate in Hillsdon Road.

Living in 10 Twelfth Avenue, I started to adapt myself to the shared life. I actually found myself enjoying living with other nationalities and sharing a common room with different people for every semester. Most of them were cool (especially Kelly, Rebecca & Inten), while some were annoying (the weird Russian and the yucky Indian).

But still, as I always had space to myself..I was able to be alone whenever I felt like it and be with companies when I desired..the whole arrangement suited me nicely.

I made more friends during my university years than I did in my entire life. I even found that the friendships with these new friends were true than those with my school friends. Having different cultures was not an issue, but the gap was bridged in an interesting & funny way.

Whenever I look at the pix I took in BNE, I felt a kind of melancholy looking at the…... I miss friends who added colours to my life. I miss walking alone to the uni in the cold winter with an old Malay song from my hp and I miss spending my quiet moments in the small cozy room I rented. Thanks to Barbie and Inga for having me in that sweet home.

And now I just can't help admitting it... I wish I could be there again.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

My baby's first books

Itsy bitsy spider climbed up the water spout
Down came the rain and washed the spider out
Out came the sun and dried up all the rain
Itsy bitsy spider climbed up the spout again...

That's one of the songs in the series of hardbook I bought for Adam few weeks ago.

The salesperson popped into my office, promoting the books. As usual la...the jiggery pokery went on, praising me & Faezah (my officemate) as 'look so young'...'so slim'...yada yada...
But we bought the books not because of the hanky panky. We did because we forgot that our little kids still can't read...hehehe.

But that's ok. I'll keep the books & CD for Adam until he can read & sing it.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Aspettando il tuo ritorno...

This is such a bad beginning of the new year 1429 H.

Yesterday, Sham promised to fetch me after I finished my lecture. Only about 15-30 mins later, his boss called to inform that he might be home late. I was ok with the news, as I thought it was one of the usual things. Then only I was told the whole story.
No wonder, there were several missed calls from Rahmat and his boss when I was out to perform ablution for Asar prayer.

Rahmat fetched me and we went to pick little Adam. After sending Rahmat home and I drove back home with Adam. Just me & Adam in the car.

...................................................Why us? :'( ...............................................................

Night came, his boss kept updating...calling me every now and then to make sure I was ok.

Oh my! We were just fine that morning. We were late to the office, but he wanted to have breakfast with me at KBD. Ya Allah...Please grant me with patience!

Today, I got another bad news... I'd be sad for another week at least.
I cried like mad when I got the call, that even Dr Wan was left with a big question mark on his head.

I'm fortunate though...that I have supportive people around me. Apparently, I have no one to talk to (bcoz I told nobody), but the Director was there for me.

Back home, I packed some stuff needed... including a Yasin/Ma'thurat.
:'( How I wished this first year the 3 of us could celebrate the new year together by reading the end-of-year prayer after Asar, and beginning-of-the-year prayer after Maghrib.
But looks like that has to wait.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Goodbye 2007, Welcome 2008!

It's new year again.
This time... I am gonna turn one year older. But this year, I am not only a wife, but also a mom!

Resolutions? Well... I remember being able to manage all resolutions I had in 2004/2005. This year, it's gonna be some continuous improvement of 2007's resolutions.
(Hehe..I guess, it's a better word than saying I haven't achieved any last year).

Oh..not to forget, a birthday greeting to beloved Uncle Adri by little Cikebum. Moga bertambah kaya & cepat dapat jodoh ;)

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