Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Wiper...oh wiper

This morning, Jeanette & Mick (Mc Manus, the Executive Dean of BACS UQ) came for a talk with the FSG staff.

As usual, I was the one entertaining them and I accompanied them to INTEC Section 17 for another talk. When were were about to make a move from INTEC (after everything was done), I got a call from a lady...with a harsh tone, asking me to move my car.

OMG! I forgot that I blocked someone else's car. (Well, double parking and blocking cars is a norm here, but we have to leave our phone no. on the dashboard for them to call just in case).

Parking lot is a big issue nowadays. We all feel the strengthening pinch of parking slots around FSG. Yet they still have this kinda 'gravestone' and unnecessary decorations near Block B. It is potty to put people at a parking disadvantage for eye-candy!

Oops! Ok, back to the story.
So, I told the lady that I was on my way from INTEC. With her rude intonation, she said "Boleh cepat sikit x? Panas tau kat sini (Can U please rush? It's a bit hot here)"

Dalam hati aku "Why on the earth would she want to wait there when it's hot? Idiot!"

Not long after that, she called again... "Are u coming? I'm waiting y'know"
And I answered " Yes, I am entering the main entrance now. Hold on"

Upon hearing this, Jeanette even wanted to help me to apologize but when we arrived there, she wasn't there anymore. I felt so guilty, so I still moved my car to somewhere nearer to Block A.

After office hour, I drove to Sham's office to fetch him... then only I realized that the rear wiper is missing. Actually, it's being broken. Not unscrewed. There was also some scratches in two spots.
Nothing else came to my mind but 'the lady'. It must be her.

I never thought there are still uncivilized ill-mannered lecturers in this uni. Anyway, today is your day. I still keep her hp no. Sooner or later, i know how to trace who u are. Watch out!


Night, we went to pick Mick & Jeanette at Sheraton and brought them to the Sunway Pyramid. We had a dinner at the Ole-Ole Bali. I love the lemon grass mojito drinks!

While dining, we chitchatted about Malaysian lifestyle (Jeannete said "Malaysians shop throughout the year, what do they do with the old stuff?"), Postgrad prospectus, updates on Brisbane, yada..yada...

And me, as usual...am busy snapping some photos. Ahah! This one is well-centred, though it was self-portraited.And also a pix of Adam with Aunt Jeanette, who wanted to make him an Aussie bloke!

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