Sunday, January 20, 2008

Challenge: the longest apple peel

It's the Family Day for the Env Tech students. I attended, bringing along Sham & Adam. I thought it was just about being present at the event, so I didn't prepare anything.

Then, the students called Rusdin & I for the longest apple peel challenge.

It's such a challenge (bcoz I take things seriously, and didn't wannna be beaten by the students). The flaw was...they didn't time the challenge. So, regardless of how long u take to get the longest peel, it's not an issue- which means it's all about the skill!

While taking our own sweet time in the challenge, I told them Kelly's story that she once told me while peeling naval oranges or apples for me.
She said, in Korea, whoever can peel without having the peel break is believed to have beautiful kids. Hence she said - her mom is an expert in that. Hahaha....

When it's done & measured...I lost to the students, but Rusdin & I apparently got the same length of apple peel. Haha!

By the way, I googled and found that the record is held by Kathy Wafler Madison, 16, of New York, measured at 172' 4"long. No wonderI couldn't break the record bcoz she was a sales manager for an apple tree nursery :P

Other than that, they conducted various fancy games. Dr Wan who came later after that tried the coconut bowling, and Sham joined the tug-of-war.

Little Cikebum, as the centre of attraction. See... even Abun & Lina the lovebirds tried their parenting skills in advance! Hehehe...

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