Friday, January 18, 2008

Old times are good times

Attending the UQ Pre-departure seminar yesterday made me feel great for being able to supply prospective students with info on life in Brisbane. Indeed, David Richards said that my talk was good and helpful.

The video at the beginning of the talk reminds me of the euphoria when I was there.

Let's cut the stories of having a bz-body, judgmental housemate in Hillsdon Road.

Living in 10 Twelfth Avenue, I started to adapt myself to the shared life. I actually found myself enjoying living with other nationalities and sharing a common room with different people for every semester. Most of them were cool (especially Kelly, Rebecca & Inten), while some were annoying (the weird Russian and the yucky Indian).

But still, as I always had space to myself..I was able to be alone whenever I felt like it and be with companies when I desired..the whole arrangement suited me nicely.

I made more friends during my university years than I did in my entire life. I even found that the friendships with these new friends were true than those with my school friends. Having different cultures was not an issue, but the gap was bridged in an interesting & funny way.

Whenever I look at the pix I took in BNE, I felt a kind of melancholy looking at the…... I miss friends who added colours to my life. I miss walking alone to the uni in the cold winter with an old Malay song from my hp and I miss spending my quiet moments in the small cozy room I rented. Thanks to Barbie and Inga for having me in that sweet home.

And now I just can't help admitting it... I wish I could be there again.

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