Thursday, April 30, 2009

Pasha's birthday bash

This is actually a very late entry on Pasha's birthday bash last Saturday at Gymboree, Bangsar Village. Thanks, Yone for accompanying me. MrHubby couldn't make it as he has a treasure hunt at KL Sentral. Nasib baik menang! Champion dapat ipod nano tuuuu....

Anyway, the party was so colourful and most kids seemed to enjoy themselves beary much.

Pasha, the birthday boy

Adam seemed to isolate himself, unlike the usual friendly him.
Align Center
Pasha & Diah singing-along and clapping
The syok-sendiri Cikebum going on the slide happily

Mama's lil boy

The yellow family- BerryBear, Diah & Pasha


Riding the boat with no oars

Oit! Why are u facing backwards?

Everybody was admiring Pasha's cake. Siap tolong blow the candles lagi.

Playtime again! Pop the bubbles!

One balloon for Adam... (look at Adam's face)

Eh, who's this boy? He looks like me!

Sing and dance the Gymbo song. Adam couldn't wait to give Gymbo a big hug.

Makan time with the birthday boy


Before we went back home, Adam salam with Pasha...and both wanted to kiss each other's hands. Hahaha! Ni kira mintak ampun la...sebab awal-sampai, Adam melalak rebut hadiah yang Mama bagi kat Pasha. Cheh! Kasi malu Mama je....

Thanks BerryBear & Diah...for inviting!
These are the stuff in the favour pack. Adam likes 'em so much... but I could tell that he's confused when I said "Adam, let's eat the cat!"

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Things I love about motherhood

1. Admit one thing you feel awful about (involving being a mom). Once you have written it down, you are no longer allowed to feel bad. Remember you are a good mom!

When I am grumpy, I'd just throw a tantrum at him. My voice would turn from the normal tone to C'. Usually, immediately after that, I'd regret and try to make things up again.

Yes, I don't flail, but... waaa... I don't wanna grow old being my mom!

2. List 7 things you love about your kids, you love doing with your kids, or that your kids love about you.

a) I really love to see Cikebum reaction upon seeing my arrival to pick him up at the sitter's. He'd run with his little steps, almost tumbling... (like a baby bird trying to fly). And he would drag his stripey bag to the door, salam with Acik and wave goodbye to other friends.

b) His dimpled smile while he sways to the Thomas & Friends theme song, with his ya-a-au hand gesture. If he were crying, it'd automatically stop...What a magic!

c) I like it when he stares at me while breastfeeding with his Puss-in-Boots (begging in the movie Shrek) eyes, with his one hand tuning for another channel... if u get what I mean! :P If I were lying on my back, he'd simply climb onto me and do whatever he could so he gets the bonbon. Senang aku...tak la lenguh nak duduk menyusu!

d) Bath time is his fav. As he heard me saying "Who wants to shower?"... he'd pull down his pants, put it in the laundry basket and enter the bathroom. He would then impatiently fill his bath tub with water and point to the rubber duckies, saying "duck!"- which means he wants to play with 'em in the bath tub.

e) His big round eyes would become rounder when he sees an aeroplane., with his finger pointing, uttering babbles.To add umppph!, my heart will just melt upon hearing him say "Ma-ma..."

f) When I am praying, he'd wait until the last tahiyyat... and with reverse parking, he'd land in my lap. Then, siap dongak tengok muka lagi sambil sengih2. Ish... habis kekhusyukan aku!

g) I love it when he holds my/MrHubby's hand while walking. Manja! Moreover, I like it when he sits on my/MrHubby's lap during mealtime... and tries his very best to feed himself. Tak cukup fork/spoon, siap tolak makanan masuk ke mulut dengan tangan pulak!

3. Send this to 5 other moms of the year that deserve a reminder that they too are the best moms that they can be. Remember to send them a note letting them know you have selected them, and also add a link to your post that directs people back to the person who nominated you.
So the next 5 moms will be …

1) you
2) you
3) you
4) you
5) you--- yes, you, who read this!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Buta IT?

Yesterday, I filled in an online form... and was asked to rate my computer skills and internet skills. Beginner, intermediate or advanced.

Now I am dwelt- have I rated myself wrongly? Ngeeee :P

C.fu would definitely roll on the floor and laugh at me if he saw the form, as he really knows my ability. Eleh...nak bega template pun, tanya Belladonna and Berrybear.

But at least, hey... I know... when it says...

"The client-server system is connected to a broadband network interface. Eventhough you connect your joystick to the client's port, the server should be able to detect it without any problems as the system has a Plug and Play mode."

it is not translated as...

"Sistem pelanggan dan pelayan bersambung kepada antaramuka rangkaian jalurlebar. Walaupun anda mencucuk kayuria anda ke lubang pelanggan, pelayan tetap akan mengetahuinya tanpa sebarang masalah kerana sistem tersebut mempunyai fungsi cucuk dan main."

Knock! Knock!

Who's there?


Isabelle who?

Isabelle likes to speak her mind out and if you don't like it...too bad.
So, when she tells u either way, don't get all butt hurt.

Isabelle doesn't like to get caught up being fake; like pretty much everyone in this world- I personally think is retarded. She thinks you should be yourself no matter what the circumstances are.

Isabelle doesn't dwell on the things from the past bcoz it’s just a waste of time.

And yes, I have my flaws just like everyone else in the world; nobody is perfect no matter which way you slice the cake.

So, just grin and bear with it.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Integrity vs Plastic Graduates

81Source: The Star

An USIM lecturer who passed only four out of 157 of her law students claims she was forced to resign so that the university could protect its reputation, Kosmo! reported.

Nor (not her real name) said the reason she left was because she could not stand the pressure from the university management on her to give “sympathy marks.”

“How am I to give extra marks if the marks they got is what they should be getting?” she said, adding that her downfall started when she received a show-cause letter on why so many students had failed.

She was then criticised by her superiors, who also wanted her to add marks based on attendance so as to reduce the number of failures.

“I stood my ground. How could I give them marks for that when it is their responsibility to show up for classes?” she added.

The university declined to comment.

One of the large billboards in the campus displays the word "Integrity" which is believed to characterise the Uni I am working at.

However, such a word doesn't ring hollow when it comes to 'Nor', the USIM lecturer, who claims to have graded the students according to their actual ability. Four out of 157 of her law students passed.

Nur and those who seek the follow her standard know false grading of students is an act akin to fraud. Those who endorse it easily fool themselves with some quazi 'perceived benefit', but it is grossly unfair to those students who actually deserve their grades, but now have to compete on equal footing with illegitimately qualified students. What's more, it damages the institution involved, as USIM and the employers of its students are probably finding out.

And wouldn't it be great if those students embedded in that culture of 'certificate guaranteed' now realise those times have come to an end? Imagine all those fruit blossoms finally turning into real fruit and not the plastic imitation.

Last few semesters, I has to mark some supp. papers of those sitting for special exams. When I began to look at most of the exam answer script, I was shocked and strickened with utter disgust. Most of the students had obtained only very little marks (out of 40 %-the carry marks), which means that they really have to score in the special exam. Yet, these slow-and-steady-but never-win-the-race students are different. Their obviously forlorn answer script made it almost impossible for me to give even a mark!


Now, I am facing the same problem again. There's this unthriving student, who missed the boat. He is the only one taking my paper for that code (subject), yes...only one! Bcoz his other friends have taken it that it'd be obsolete after this semester. (Actually the subject is not offered this semester, but concerning the normal procedures, I still have to).

He got 5.17 over 10 in his first test, and he didn't turn up for the second test. About a week after that, he texted me asking if he could sit for the test. I was perplexed, in dilemma whether to tolerate or not... as he was also late for the first test. So, I replied asking him to 'just focus on the coming exams.'

Last Wed, I realized that he hasn't submitted his two assignments which dued five days earlier. So, I (me again, yang jadi tukul yang mengetuk pahat) reminded him to submit them by Friday. So, last Friday saw him handing in the assignments with half-a-page of info for each topic. My goodness!!! What am I to do now?

To make things worse, his first assignmenat was merely a copy-paste work from the internet. And his second was very poorly discussed.

Now, with his carry marks of 5.17 (1st assignment) and zero (2nd assignment), what is the maximum mark should I generously give for such lazy works? If he were excellent enough to score 60/60 in the final exams, I wouldn't mind... but I doubt it.

This in a way means that most likely, I will have to prepare a supp. paper for the coming special exams again! Gosh...

I would praise Nor and uphold her stance, as I refuse to produce illegitimately qualified students?

But now, with the new order by the administrator to reduce failure rate to not more than 25%, I fear there will be more cases for plastic graduates!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009



On our way back from Endau, we diverted to Ayer Molek to meet Wafiy's new lil brother, Waseem.

Adam and the baby. Doesn't he look like a caring brother?

Waseem's notty face, as if saying "Hang jagaa...siap kau!"

Dr.Najah, my alter-ego since highschooldays. We were actually partners in crime (plus Ina S & Siti.) Haha... crime konon! Masing-masing dah jadi mak budak pun! :P

My naughty Tickle-boom.

The mortar & pestle story

"Mak... insyaAllah, we are going back next weekend." That was what I said to my MIL in the phone last fortnight and that was actually a quick decision when I heard about the sumptuous crab served when my SIL went back to Endau the week before. Ahhh... really mouth-watering!

Actually, it’s because the crabs in Endau are reasonably priced, which explains why I am willing to travel all the way there to eat. Hence, balik kampung to enjoy crab has become a
not-to-be-missed annual event. Other seafood dishes like squid & prawns are also our faves, but the mighty tasty crustacean have somehow taken the limelight. Nyum nyum.

(Hehehe.... if ever my MIL knew that we didn't take long to decide just because of the crab...)

U see!!! Isn't this humongous?!

These are only some of the big ones I enjoyed, together with the pestle - the tool used to crack the crabs' hard claws and legs.

Well, talking about pestle (and mortar)... actually there's another story behind it. My MIL once complained why I never owned one. And mind you, that was only a few days before we officially became MIL-DIL, when she and her daughter stayed with me for a few days to prepare for the wedding.

MIL : Where's your mortar & pestle? (she speaks Malay la, of course)
Me : Nada...
MIL : What? U don't have any mortar & pestle? (with an uneasy tone)
Me : Mmm...nope.
MIL : Blender?
Me : Nope (ahhh...sudahhh. Jenuh aku nak jawab)
MIL : Eh budak ni... then, how do u prepare the ingredients to cook?
Me : Alaa... no need. I still survived in Aussie without those things.
MIL : Iye la. Then, if u need to grind/pound the onions or ginger?
Me : I'll just use anything I could.
MIL : Just buy a blender.
Me : No need. I'll get one as one of the wedding presents (berangan!)
MIL : What if u don't?
Me : In that case, then I might consider buying one... but after opening all the wedding gifts.
MIL : Later, I'll buy u mortar & pestle as your wedding gifts.
Me : Aaa... iye la.

And u know what? I got two blenders as my wedding gifts (one from Yone, another from the admin office).

And until today... I never received the so-called wedding gift that she promised :P and I purposely do not buy any on my own.

But those days, when she rang and said "I am staying with u for a few days"... MrHubby and I would hastily furnish the kitchen cabinet with cooking ingredients and we already knew...there's also a possibility that she'll scream when she realizes that I still do not have a mortar and pestle.

Alaaa... kalau terer masak, tak payah ada lesung batu pun, jadi!!! Tak gitu???

Monday, April 13, 2009

Winter sonata

Last two days, I was about to text a birthday greeting to Ina Siman, when the the hp jingled a baby's voice of "Alamak! Ada mesej pulakkk."

It was Najah. Good news!
She has safely given birth to the second baby (a boy) at 1830.

So, I replied her sms first... congratulating her on the new arrival of the bundle of joy.

Then, the song Akan Tiba was on the air. A call from a strange number. I thought it was a wrong number. So, I hanged up.

A seconds later... another call received. It's Wayne!!!
Yes! Wayne... my Korean friend! What a surprise!

Us... going out together (at the Southbank)

It was more exciting when he told me that he's getting married this November... with Kelly!
Yay! My best friend is getting married to that handsome bloke eventually :P

(hey, Wayne! Don't forget to sponsor my air tickets to your wedding for writing this. hahaha)

The next minute, I found myself smiling ear-to-ear :) :) :)

I remember those days. Kelly just broke up with her boyfriend, T. And she registered for English class in the city... where she met Wayne.

As the Dr.Love (as they called me), Kelly sought some advice from me about this guy., for she herself couldn't make up her mind. Actually, I didn't see a concrete reason for her to dump T. Anyway, it's all in her hands.

Come one day, Kelly brought him back home... to introduce him to me. (Wah!!! Now I sound like a Mak). She hoped that I wouldn't like this guy. Instead, we cliqued so well :P

The lovebirds on Kelly's birthday (summer, end 2005)

Kelly lost the game, and had to fulfil Wayne's request. (Actually, he asked for a kiss in the beginning)

Hey, while looking at some of the folders of our old days, I found some piccas of me and Chris (or as I call him "Oppa" = big brother). I still keep the 1000 won that he scribbled something on.
Hmmm... I wonder where he is now. Do u have any idea, Wayne?

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Menantu & Cucu favourite ;)

Scene 1 :1st April 2009

1740hrs (sms from Acik)

Ni umah baru kami. hehehe!

N 5.38225 E100.46306

*MrHubby checked the location on his hp's Garmin*
Confused... as it showed Kg Pertama & Taman Guru in the vicinity.

So, he texted, asking whether it is in the former or the latter.

1810hrs (reply sms from Acik)

Kg Pertama?Kat Tmn Guru, dpn simpang masuk umah abah.

Fuiyooo! Pindah dekat tuuuuu... Nanti, ada orang tu jadi favourite in-law la! Nanti mesti TokMun cakap "Xpayah la hantaq Iman kat lain. Biaq mak benti keja, mak jaga Iman. Bukan orang lain, cucu mak jugak. nanti buleh mak ajaq dia English sekali..."

Hahahaha! Hahahaha!

*sambung gelak sambil guling atas karpet dari living area ke kitchen sambil buat smug face*

Scene 1 :11 April 2009

2152hrs (calling my MIL)

Me : Hello. Assalamualaikum. Bah sihat?
Bah : Uuuuhh... sihattt.


Me : Mak ada, Bah?
Bah : Ada. Jap... "Oiii... ni menantu kesayangan awak nak cakap ni"
Me : Ishh.. apa pulak, Bah? Menantu kesayangan Mak kan Abg Mus (bukan nama sebenar).
Bah : Itu menantu laki. Menantu pompuan awak la.
Me : Ehehehe.. Tak pe la, Bah. Menantu kesayangan yang pompuan, biar la Kak Nor.

*conversation continued with MIL*

Actually, MrHubby & I have decided not to be a favourite in-law, nor that we want our juniors to be the favourite grandchildren (for both families). Thanks, but no thanks.

Reasons? No need reasons la :P

Thursday, April 9, 2009

This is what happens when u daydream at work

Guess what? Since last week, I have been super-excited to celebrate my Little Darling's birthday!
Actually, it started when early this week I stumbled upon a few websites on his fav character, Thomas (the Train) & Friends.

Then, one thing leads to another. I was daydreaming to bake an awesome Thomas cake, make it memorable with great party favors, a better invitation (as compared to last year's), special deco for the atmosphere, cute crafts, healthy and unhealthy menu, yada...yada...

However, it's kinda addicting when today, again, I checked the websites and read more about birthday preparation and stuff. Hehehe

Know why? Bcoz his birthday is in September!
That's a looooooooooooonnngggg way to go! :P
And that'd be about one day before Hari Raya. Hahaha.

Memang la aku ni mama yang poyo!

Ahhh... I don't care!!! Bcoz I could imagine the glow in his cheeky face upon seeing Thomas.

The blame game

Little Adam can now utter the word "Papaya." Super cute!
He tried to imitate me singing Iman's song... (nyanyi ikut lagu "Are u sleeping Brother John")

"Watermelon... watermelon...

Bananananana Bananananana

Foo set lessss...fooo set lesss"

Hehehe... sapa boleh teka what is actually in the last line?


Oh... talking about Iman, that day... suddenly memecah kesunyian...


Papa : Hish... Iman kentut ye? X senonoh!
MakLang : Haha. Iman pot pot.
Iman : *grin* Seluaq ni x baguih la

??? Pulakkk!!! Blame the pants???

* * * * *

Then, this morning...

Me : Hah, Ayah. Citer la kat Mama what happened in CSI last nite.
MrHubby: Hmm... sampai mana Ayah tengok ekk?
Me : What?! So, Ayah tertido sebelum habis la ye? Haha
(Tu la... kelmarin kemain gelakkan aku sbb tertido masa tengok Desperate Housewives)
MrHubby: Mana ada? TV tu yang tertido masa Ayah tengok dia.
Me : You're right!

??? And now... blame the TV ??? :P

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My Random Facts/Habits

It's mundane to write/read about daily lives, isn't it?
So, let's do this...

1. Each blogger must post these rules first.
2. Each blogger starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
3. Bloggers that are tagged need to write on their own blog about their eight things and post these rules. At the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.
4. Don't forget to leave them a comment telling them they've tagged, and to read ur blog.

Random Fact/Habits #1

I have this weird/freaky habit of slicing my left heel. Yes, I mean THE heel (not the high heels!)
(Mati la lps ni korang akan usyar tumit kiri aku!)

I feel as if there’s something in it. It’s not itchy, but somehow very disturbing! So, when the skin on that part is removed, the pressure will be felt whenever I walk/stand.
Hence, I feel “Padan muka, benda tu rasa kena tenyeh!”

It could just be my feeling or mindset. Just like Mr Hubby who ‘feels’ itchy on his hands/feet before going to bed. (I mean, the real itch, not gatal nak meraba!)
The Dr. once told him it’s just psychology and he asked back “Are u trying to say I’m insane?”

Whatever. Yes, I might have a mental overthrow :P Hahaha

Random Facts/Habits #2

I love being myself (not historically, absolutely!)

When I was told about Florence Littauer’s 'Personality Plus’ I quickly acknowledged that I am a Popular Sanguine (as I only have a lil bit of both Powerful Choleric and Perfect Melancholy)

The lift of joy in times of trouble
The touch of innocence in a jaded area
The word of wit when we're weighted down
The lift of humor when we're heavyhearted
The ray of hope to blow away our black clouds
The enthusiasm and energy to start over and over again
The creativity and charm to color a drab day
The simplicity of a child in complex situations

• Appealing personality --- Eheks! Very the ‘masuk lif, tekan sendiri’
• Talkative, storyteller --- I’d drag and drift away from the subject even during lectures
• Life of the party --- Ooh.. Let’s put this out of the list.
• Good sense of humor --- At least, I laugh at people’s jokes
• Memory of color --- See, I told u. I might be in the wrong profession.
• Physically holds on to listener --- there are times I need people to listen to me too
• Emotional and demonstrative --- Let it go!
• Enthusiastic and expressive ---As usual. Macam over pun ada!
• Cheerful and bubbling over --- Hnss..hnsss… (controlling the diameter of nostrils)
• Curious ---and that sometimes, really kills the cats!
• Good on stage ---Me? But not to sing with my toady voice.
• Wide-eyed and innocent --- Is this childlike credulity a good criterion?
• Lives in the present --- Be realistic, why look back?
• Changeable disposition --- Mood swing! Only certain people can bear with me.
• Always a child --- It’s nice to be childish sometimes.
• Sincere at heart --- Wahh.. now I think I need a looser pair of pants!

Hmmm… no wonder I am married to a Peaceful Phlegmatic!

Random Facts/Habits #3

I don’t keep long nails. They are filthy! Besides, it’s easier for the water to reach while performing wuduk.

Hence, my fingernails are never seen excessively manicured. To make things worse, mine are of the cawan type.

Anyway, if I forgot to cut them on Fridays and the long nails were bugging me (I tend to scratch myself) I’d simply cut the nail on my index finger only regardless of the day.
The rest, I’d keep until Friday or Monday. Hahaha. Kononnya excuse la, it’s just one finger… Boleh gitu?

Random Facts/Habits #4

I like making new friends. That also indicates that my old 'friends' are MOSTLY craps. I realize most of the latter are covetous, so why worry too much to comfort them while I need peace of mind?

Yes, new would somehow becomes old anyway. But, that green part can somehow be toned into sea green, hijau pucuk pisang, jade green, turquoise, olive, lime green, etc. Kan? Kan?

Random Facts/Habits #5

A very bad decision maker. Am just afraid of being blamed, I reckon. Thus, my fav words are "Tak kisah la..." "Ok la..." "Boleh la..."
Oops! Now I sound like a peaceful phlegmatic!

The daily questions like "What's for dinner?" "Do u want this or that?" "Where are we going?" always meet with the same uncertain answers :P How pathetic!

*sigh* Apparently, even if my eyesight is perfectly 20/20, I will never be a pilot!

Random Facts/Habits #6

I have a sweet tooth and I like satisfying it. Oh! Whasinful pleasures I enjoy!
MrHubby on the contrary, hates sweet stuff. Hence the big portion of chocolates/desserts/sweets at home go into my tummy (No one to share with maa...) <-- lame excuse!
I share the same sugar cravings with my MIL. As MrHubby always says...
"Haaa... boleh la kawan dengan mak" or
"Kalau Mak masak, Sayang yang tolong rasa...memang semua tawar!"


Random Facts/Habits #7

I like a clean house but I don't like doing the housework (bcoz I'd do it full-hearted and fagged out)
I like having a garden, but I don't have green fingers (Why la Abah's genetic is not passed down to me)
I'd love to wake up late during weekends, but always end up early just like weekdays (and start doing housechores)

Now, do u see the pattern? :P

Random Facts/Habits #8

Last but not least, actually I love doing this tagging thingey, actually. Hehehe. Those days when Friendster was not yet in the Block List, I always post bulletins containing surveys/stuff like this.

So now, let’s share with me your random facts/habits!
Whom to tag?
• Bettyone
• Belladonna
• Mama Pasha
• AdiHana
• SyaYassir
• KakTeh
• Syazlin Azmo

Monday, April 6, 2009

An Evening of Stars

Whoa! The title sounds very much like an event with celebrities, eh?

I had a great night at the biannual dinner @ Tropicana Golf & Country Resort, Damansara last Sunday. Unlike the previous semesters which only gathered the EnvTech people... this dinner was organized by the sophomores of ETES, CFC, ACES and FORSIS was meant to celebrate the graduating seniors and the theme was "An Evening of Stars."

It was surprising to see the students making extra efforts trying to look their best to suit the theme. Good! I thought most of them wouldn't dare to do so. Eheh! Yet there were also several fashion victims :P

The food was forgettable, but bless the organizing party for the proper. The rest let's say, was history.

The pent-up excitement was consummated with the most-awaited coronation of the Prom King and Queen, who looked very much like a Bangladeshi king and a Mongolian queen. Hahaha. Look at the pix. Don't u agree with me?

However, the prom royalty was not cajoled onto the dance floor like other (most) dinners.
(Why la the 'bapak' standing in the middle? batu penghalang betul!)

Towards the end of the event, the emcees announced a special award for the staff (sorta prom king/queen from the lecturer category). Guess who got it?
It's this syok-sendiri lady... Hahahaha

And the VVIP who put the mask on for me was the lack-of-inch-diva :P This time, she couldn't escape. Like it or not, she had to do it for me. Hahaha (gelak jahat ala Salleh Kamel)

Anyway, thanks to Yone who helped me out with the costume. Actually, I was planning to wear a decent black dress, but since it's an evening event, she suggested that I wear put on something outstanding with reflective colours.

The rest? Let the pictures do the talking...

Well, actually this kind of pre-graduation dinner rekindles the memory of my younger days (note that I do not use the term 'my young days'). I bet the students are really excited to come to the end of their study ages, not knowing what unemployement episode is awaiting, what lousy job and crappy bosses would they have, etc.

I am considered lucky as I drive into the fac almost everyday, so I don't feel that much loss. Plus, I have a great immediate boss (and I don't give a damn of how despicable the other bosses are).

So, to u guys... all the best and be prepared for the real challenge in life!

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