Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Bowling? No... just bowlong!

Last Saturday, the lecturers and postgrads of FSG let their hair down and had fun during the bowling competition at Ole-Ole Section 18. (Woohoo! Sounds so skema!) :P

It was just an effort of the postgrads to foster a closer relationship with the staff (but, hey… if we were in different teams, how la?)

There were almost 20 teams, of four bowlers… and the otai team (of Deputy Deans) beat the other 13 teams to emerge as the champion!

p/s: The pix above is not correlated to the earlier statement. Hehehe. We are the bowlong team.
Bowlong = Bowling Longkang :P

Cewah… Zana, focus... focus!

And me… showing my bakat terendam :P Glug! Glug!

Anyway, we had so much fun… being the ‘longkangites’ of the day.
Oi, babe… selongkang-longkang aku… longkang lagi hang ropanya. Hahaha


  1. terer apakebendenye?
    baling2 asyik senget ke kanan je.
    tu yg masuk longkang tu :P


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