Thursday, April 30, 2009

Pasha's birthday bash

This is actually a very late entry on Pasha's birthday bash last Saturday at Gymboree, Bangsar Village. Thanks, Yone for accompanying me. MrHubby couldn't make it as he has a treasure hunt at KL Sentral. Nasib baik menang! Champion dapat ipod nano tuuuu....

Anyway, the party was so colourful and most kids seemed to enjoy themselves beary much.

Pasha, the birthday boy

Adam seemed to isolate himself, unlike the usual friendly him.
Align Center
Pasha & Diah singing-along and clapping
The syok-sendiri Cikebum going on the slide happily

Mama's lil boy

The yellow family- BerryBear, Diah & Pasha


Riding the boat with no oars

Oit! Why are u facing backwards?

Everybody was admiring Pasha's cake. Siap tolong blow the candles lagi.

Playtime again! Pop the bubbles!

One balloon for Adam... (look at Adam's face)

Eh, who's this boy? He looks like me!

Sing and dance the Gymbo song. Adam couldn't wait to give Gymbo a big hug.

Makan time with the birthday boy


Before we went back home, Adam salam with Pasha...and both wanted to kiss each other's hands. Hahaha! Ni kira mintak ampun la...sebab awal-sampai, Adam melalak rebut hadiah yang Mama bagi kat Pasha. Cheh! Kasi malu Mama je....

Thanks BerryBear & Diah...for inviting!
These are the stuff in the favour pack. Adam likes 'em so much... but I could tell that he's confused when I said "Adam, let's eat the cat!"


  1. Rindu kat cikebum.
    Bila nak balik cni?
    Adam nampak mcm Yan.
    Org sure kata mcm adik & abg.

    Adam balik la...abg iman rindu!

  2. ingat nak blk bulan 5 ni.
    tapi sbb abah nak turun SA... hehehe... maka bulan 8 la kot. hahaha.dasat x kalau 8bulan x blk?

  3. waaaahhh special entry for pasha.. thank u auntie... bila boleh main sama lagi niiihh.. pasha loves d play dough..

  4. harap2 pasha tak taruk dlm mulut playdough nya.
    hmm...bila ya bisa main sama2 lagi? dtg la rumah.


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