Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The mortar & pestle story

"Mak... insyaAllah, we are going back next weekend." That was what I said to my MIL in the phone last fortnight and that was actually a quick decision when I heard about the sumptuous crab served when my SIL went back to Endau the week before. Ahhh... really mouth-watering!

Actually, it’s because the crabs in Endau are reasonably priced, which explains why I am willing to travel all the way there to eat. Hence, balik kampung to enjoy crab has become a
not-to-be-missed annual event. Other seafood dishes like squid & prawns are also our faves, but the mighty tasty crustacean have somehow taken the limelight. Nyum nyum.

(Hehehe.... if ever my MIL knew that we didn't take long to decide just because of the crab...)

U see!!! Isn't this humongous?!

These are only some of the big ones I enjoyed, together with the pestle - the tool used to crack the crabs' hard claws and legs.

Well, talking about pestle (and mortar)... actually there's another story behind it. My MIL once complained why I never owned one. And mind you, that was only a few days before we officially became MIL-DIL, when she and her daughter stayed with me for a few days to prepare for the wedding.

MIL : Where's your mortar & pestle? (she speaks Malay la, of course)
Me : Nada...
MIL : What? U don't have any mortar & pestle? (with an uneasy tone)
Me : Mmm...nope.
MIL : Blender?
Me : Nope (ahhh...sudahhh. Jenuh aku nak jawab)
MIL : Eh budak ni... then, how do u prepare the ingredients to cook?
Me : Alaa... no need. I still survived in Aussie without those things.
MIL : Iye la. Then, if u need to grind/pound the onions or ginger?
Me : I'll just use anything I could.
MIL : Just buy a blender.
Me : No need. I'll get one as one of the wedding presents (berangan!)
MIL : What if u don't?
Me : In that case, then I might consider buying one... but after opening all the wedding gifts.
MIL : Later, I'll buy u mortar & pestle as your wedding gifts.
Me : Aaa... iye la.

And u know what? I got two blenders as my wedding gifts (one from Yone, another from the admin office).

And until today... I never received the so-called wedding gift that she promised :P and I purposely do not buy any on my own.

But those days, when she rang and said "I am staying with u for a few days"... MrHubby and I would hastily furnish the kitchen cabinet with cooking ingredients and we already knew...there's also a possibility that she'll scream when she realizes that I still do not have a mortar and pestle.

Alaaa... kalau terer masak, tak payah ada lesung batu pun, jadi!!! Tak gitu???


  1. besarnyaaaa ketam's hard to get fresh big crab here (Scotland).eh, tapi easy to get lesung here ;P I got one from my Hubby's friend tp jarang guna pun.
    -asrar's mama-

  2. ecehcehh...MIL syg tu la ketam besau!keh keh keh

  3. oiii...musti la.
    aritu saja citer kat dia ttg menantu ksygn dia tu, dia kata "alaa...itu awak yg pandai2 kata mak syg abg mus."
    tapi dia x deny lak yg menantu ksygn yg kategori pompuan ni. hahaha...

    hnss hnsss (kontrol napas)

  4. a'ah, asrar's mama.
    biasanya kat chinatowns or asian groceries diorg jual kan? kalo kat shopping complexes, alamtnya dpt yg mcm dlm lab la. hahaha.

    in my case, MrHubby x mkn sambal belacan. so, i dont see the urge to own one.


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