Friday, April 3, 2009

Eventually... "Ayah"

Once ago, I wrote about the 1st "Mama" uttered by my little mollycoddle. It feels like yesterday, he was about 8 months then.

This point in time, I believe, whatever comes out from his pouty brims is not merely cooing or random babbling anymore.
Recently, he audibly expressed more vocabs like Adam, happy, nak, ball, air, adik, Acik and fish (that sounds more like "yish").

He could even identify cats, shoes, moon and aeroplane.

Trying to imitate the cat, he'd even mew with a "Miom" sound. Oh my... it really melts my heart.

Upon hearing I say "Who wants to shower?"... he'll quickly make a move to the bathroom and tries to take his shirts off.

Much to the delight of us, the parents...eventually last fortnight, he said "Ayah."
It was 8.30 am of 21st March 2009 - we were on the way to Mr Hubby's family day.
But until today, most of the times, he'd point to MrHubby's pix and say "Mama" or pat MrHubby's hand, uttering the same word. Hahaha.

The latest, he said ""... (with his little finger swinging right and left).

On a lighter note, Cikebum really loves it when I make a silly mistake, but when he's nettlesome, he'd 'meghap'. Perhaps, he's bored with my silly antics :P


  1. hahaha just like pasha.. instead of call bear "papa" he call him "bapak".. very laud and clear.. had no idea where he get that from.. qeh qeh qeh...

  2. hahaha... kesian bear.
    sungguh conventional to call him 'bapak'. mcm orang dolu-dolu pulak kan?

  3. eventually..."ayah"

  4. oits?mana entry dinner neh..?
    x kesabaran daku mnunggu..huhu..

  5. mun? hahahaha...gelak golek2. cucu kesayangan la nampak gayanya!

    adam...pangge la mak ngah plak!
    jgn jadi si aida sudah..."maa nah"

    malang...or balang!

  6. oit... sapa yg cucu kesayangan ni?
    iman la...
    hang tunggu la nanti akan ku post satu entry ttg cucu kesayangan tok mun. hahahaha


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