Thursday, April 9, 2009

This is what happens when u daydream at work

Guess what? Since last week, I have been super-excited to celebrate my Little Darling's birthday!
Actually, it started when early this week I stumbled upon a few websites on his fav character, Thomas (the Train) & Friends.

Then, one thing leads to another. I was daydreaming to bake an awesome Thomas cake, make it memorable with great party favors, a better invitation (as compared to last year's), special deco for the atmosphere, cute crafts, healthy and unhealthy menu, yada...yada...

However, it's kinda addicting when today, again, I checked the websites and read more about birthday preparation and stuff. Hehehe

Know why? Bcoz his birthday is in September!
That's a looooooooooooonnngggg way to go! :P
And that'd be about one day before Hari Raya. Hahaha.

Memang la aku ni mama yang poyo!

Ahhh... I don't care!!! Bcoz I could imagine the glow in his cheeky face upon seeing Thomas.


  1. wah..lebih la tu..tau la taun ni balik raya sana! kami pun nak KEK tomos gak!x aci ..x aci!

  2. alaa... tapi kat sana, kalo nak celebrate, havoc sgt la.
    blk sambut kat shah alam ja kot, senang...

  3. wah,
    meriahnya 'bakal' birthday party adam nanti... :)
    dah buat kek thomas tu, nanti adam sayang pulak nak potong.. hehehe

  4. jgn katakan adam syg nak potong.
    silap aribulan, adam nak potong pun, mama meraung2 tengok. hahaha

    (cita2 kemain tinggi lagi. ntah2 buat kek biasa je nanti)


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