Thursday, April 2, 2009

Golden jubilee DrWan

Yesterday is known to many people as the April Fool's Day. As for me, it's my boss' birthday. It's his 50th birthday.

As yesterday, he took a day off from work... today, I decided to have a lunch with him. So off we went to Bukit Raja, or... to be the Johnny's.

Fast fwd to the main agenda, after having the steamboat...he was surprised with a birthday cake. So, happy birthday, dear boss!

And the candle lit back after it was blown.

So, DrWan tried hard (again & again) to extinguish the flame on the candle. Mak aii.. sounds like the cake was burning pulak!)

Here's the culprit... (bukti objektif, bak kata auditors) :P

Him with the birthday gift.

So, dear DrWan...
The years between fifty and seventy are the hardest. You are always being asked to do things, and yet you are not decrepit enough to turn them down :P

Afterall, I could say that my boss is the...


  1. wahhhh!!
    ketua program ku punye birthday!!
    "selamat ulang tahuuunn, sayaaaanggg~" heheh..
    erk..hapy birthday dr.wan!
    god bless! :D

    ** senyom lagi lebar dari dr.wan.. walaupon birthday beliau suda lame berlalu..** lalalala~


  2. ooo... itu sudah semestinya!

    sbb Drwan hanya masuk iklan kayu sugi.
    manakala saya masuk iklan ubat gigi & sunglasses yg melawan silau pancaran bling-bling dari gigi yg putis bersis...


  3. oits..?iklan deodorant la..

    wah2..cantik btol besday pezen dr.wan..

  4. cettt!!!
    keti x cukup bersinar la utk iklan deodoran.


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