Saturday, February 27, 2010

Dumbfounded by tortoise

This lil munchkin could be very very chatty, esp. when he goes for his weekend activity- tortoise feeding at the Shah Alam Lake Garden.

Just witness... he was bz telling about the Mama Totis, ayah Totis, Adam Totis... not to mention Pasha Totis, Uncle Totis, Auntie Totis...
sampaikan roti kat tangan tu x luak pun. Bukannya dia nak feed, dok sibuk nak sebut apa yang dia nampak!

Friday, February 26, 2010

My 3 series!!!!!!

Hey, today is the 26th of Feb, my birthday. And what do I get?







But wait...
I uploaded the wrong pix :P

I actually got this 3series.

Uhuk! Uhuk!

But hey, I loike this T-shirt. Should get one for myself ;)

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sad vs happy

Lil Adam now knows how to express his sadness or happiness.
Watch this video.

Sad... (dengan muka kememeh sikit)
Happy...(muka cheeky giler-rasa mcm nak gigit!)

Approaching that number

I will no longer be addressed as in my 20's in about 24hrs time. Whew! Nak gelak pun ada. Cuak pun ada. Poyo betul...

It started as early as yesterday... when I received this lovely cuppies from Moonsweetgarden (from the contest I once won).

After lecture, DrTan & I went for this mango cheesecake at PakLi Kopitiam. Niceee!!!

As I left the office, Mamapasha asked me to drop by bcoz she has 'made' me a cosmetic bag!!! An edible one that is...
Kok nombornya gede banget. Saja la tu nak bagi org lain nampak!!! :P

Oh..semalam saya pakai baju kurung, kena sopan sikit, kot-kot kena present masa bengkel. Hahaha. (Cis..mengapakah aku nampak sedikti gempal di situ?)

Actually in the beginning, she wanted to make this for me.
Tapi patah pulak!

p/s: Diah, untung kamu gak bikin slipper oren aku yg jelek itu ya? Hahaha

There's plenty of things I wanna think and organize at this supposed-to-be-wise age.
  • I'd need my 'me time' for that...
  • and also some quiet moments with my other half.
  • But of course, I appreciate being surrounded by frens too.
Coincidentally, tomorrow is also MaulidurRasul. I believe most of my blogger friends might not be joining any perarakan or such, so perhaps kita boleh hidupkan sunnah-sunnah Rasulullah SAW.

I myself do not read a lot of the sirah, bcoz I am more into fiqh matters. Let's google for some sunnah that we could follow tomorrow.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Win Posh Sunglass and 60% discount on frames

Hi there!
(tolong la percaya ini gmbr saya)

I hate people who foolishly wear coloured lenses when they are not rabun. Bodohnya putting themselves in the risks of infection!
Anyway, this entry is not about lenses, it's about sunglasses. Whether bcoz u r short/long-sighted or just a style, wearing sunglasses adds a feature to one's face.

I do wear both (not at once la!). At home, I'd wear glasses to reduce the risks of eye strain and infection. Hmm... since I have been nagging and mumbling to MrHubby about my old glasses, I think it's a good idea to have a peek at what SitiSifir, the owner of Uwaiys Optometrist is organizing!
Let's attend to these questions first.

1. Sejak bila mula berkaca mata ?
Standard 5.

2. Bagaimana anda tahu yang anda memerlukan kacamata ketika itu?
I had to walk to the front while copying what the teacher was writing on the blackboard. Then the teacher asked me to go for an eye-checkup.

3. Berapa ‘power’ pada permulaan anda berkaca mata (anggaran)?
100, 125 gitu.

4. Jenis/bentuk kaca mata anda yang pertama?
The big, labuh-sampai-ke-pipi type. My goodness! It was sooooo damn ugly. Ye la..dolu-dolu tak banyaklpilihan kan?

5. Jenis/bentuk kaca mata anda yang terkini?
Square and small, blue black.
Full-frame or semi-rimless is nice on me, but I don't like rimless, senang longgar!

6. Berapa power terkini anda (anggaran)?
375 & 425, plus minus la (no signs of decrease, unfortunately. huwaaa....)

7. Berapa banyak koleksi kaca mata yang anda ada dari dulu hingga kini (anggaran)?
Less than 10. Prolly one or two were broken, the rest was changed sebab dah uzur syarie.

8. Jika anda ada sentiment tidak suka berkaca mata, sila nyatakan sebab musababnya.
a. Tudung kembang kat tepi telinga. Else kena cari spec yang kecik sikit.
b.It kinda blocks my view when I lie down watching the telly.
c. Ada tanda/bekas kat hidung (atau bedak luak, kena touch-up pulak)
d. When not in wear, there's a risk that it's misplaced.
e. Not convenient while playing sports.
f. I hate being orang buta kehilangan tongkat bila dah buka lenses, tapi baru nak tercari-cari spec. Duh!

9. Yang mana anda lebih gemar. Kaca mata atau contact lens? Kenapa ?
I go for contact lenses. Easy and comfy for most activities.

10. Optometrist pilihan anda?
The ones offering good service and price, with great designs. I dont really go to established ones like England, Focuspoint, etc.

11. Pasangan anda berkaca mata ?
Yes. Akhirnya dia rabun jua...

12. Apa pandangan anda pada kanak2 yang memakai kaca mata?
Takpe la...I have gone thru that phase too. Tapi kesian la jugak. Kang makin tua makin rosak mata ke.

I was tagged by MYSELF.
So, now..I'm gonna tag:
1. Farah MyLilDreamz
2. MamaPasha
3. DrH4nie
4. Fizamior
5. Hanz

Adam Rempit

This is not Adnan Sempit or the movie Remp-It. Last Sat, as we rushed to Tambun for a friend's wedding (Rushed ye, sbb last minute baru teringat. Hampeh punya kawan!)... on the highway, we saw these bikers.

Hehe. Comel tak? Naik EX5 pun ada hati nak rempit. Kira aerodinamik la tu, nak bagi moto laju.

And back home, Lil Adam has shown his bakat terendam (bukan bakat terpendam) in climbing MrHubby's motorbike.

Mari kita lihat kesungguhannya step-by-step.

Woh...macammana nak start nih?


Check dulu muka kat side mirror...Fine, dah cukup comel.


Hehehe. Nasib baik moto tu tak terbalik atas dia. Kalo tidak, pipi chubby tu pun jadi leper :P

And oh...Following my previous post, now u tell could I believe it that Lil Adam does not have a good appetite?

Sedapnya Banjo Ayah buat!

This is the egg from the friend's wedding (bunga telur). Dan aku pun putih mata tengok Lil Adam makan all four eggs (bukan sekali hadap ye)... bcoz I love eggs so much! Huhu...

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Dengarlah dunia!
Eventually I have a Facebook account!!! Hahaha

Twas after a long-winded doubt whether or not to have one.
And BerryBear was honoured to be the first one to be in my list, bcoz he's the one who insulted and encouraged me to create one. Hahaha.
Another reason was bcoz Ir Hj Bob, who is not that young pun ada FB. It's such a shame when we chitchat and I had to say "I dont have any."

Feel free to add me in the circle...
Isabelle Is

Okay, now let's get to the serious matter...
I am not feeling good at the moment. I have too many things in my mind (am not gonna list everything down here), but one of them is...

This morning, when I sent Lil Adam, he cried "Tak nak ni.. nak tu! Tak nak ni.. nak tu!"
So, despite arriving at the sitter's place, I made another round showing him the colourful nursery/kindy that we just passed by. And he nodded. Uh-oh...

It has been more than a month now that he refused to eat rice at the sitter's place. Instead, he'd only eat bread/biscuits. But when he's at home, he eats well.
Nak kata tak lapar, tak logik pulak.

When I asked Along (my sister), she said that
"Prolly Adam doesn't like the sitter for whatever reasons. He refused to eat rice, bcoz it is spoon-fed by her, and he prefers bread/biscuits bcoz he could hold it in his own hands"

Hmm..that does make sense.

And with the reasons I once blogged here, I now think it's better for me to change Adam to another place. But is there such a good place?

I'm afraid if it becomes Keluar dari mulut harimau, masuk ke mulut buaya

Sudirman and us

For two consecutive weekend nites, I watched Istimewa Bersama Sudirman (TV2), sempena pemergian beliau.
It's been almost two decades now. I grew up with many of his songs, and I believe some of u too.

We address him as Cokman, his nickname.

p/s: Wei Acik..ingat tak...
"Man topui berak malam
Taik seketoi atas tilam"

err...Adapun Man yang dimaksudkan itu bukanlah Cokman ye, kawan-kawan sekalian.

We had a collection of his cassettes (masa tu mana ada CD maaa). Anak Gembala, Nilai Cinta, Sudirman-Pilihan Nescafe Classic (sebab masa tu glamer dengan Pujaan 10 Nescafe kot!)...bla..bla...

I remember one raya, entah macam mana, Acik got a kad raya reply from Sudirman (he loves entertaining kids kan?). Raya pun dah lama berlalu, but the card really made us like jakun. The "whoaaas!" were so long...
The card looked pretty much like this one.

As for me, I love his style with the trench coat...and I like his nephew, Atai too ;)

Along, Acik & yours truly grew up together... and we each have our own fav. singer. If Acik's is Sudirman, Along's is Rafeah Buang... Hmm... can anyone guess who is mine?

Sapa jwb dgn betul akan menerima hadiah misteri... Hehehe.
Hah. Apa lagi? Sila le teka.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Poetic and mushy

I love songs of the 80s and 90s most, as they are more sentimental and easy to the ears. MrHubby on the other hand, loves to listen to the lyrics and laughs at those effusively emotional lines.

Lemme give some examples...Justify Full

Karam (Zabarjad)

Tiada berita mengubat rindu di kala sendu
Kubiarkan luka di hati berdarah
sehingga kering dimamah mentari
Apakah salahku disakiti sebegini
MrHubby's verdict: Ni sampai luka kering ke sampai hati kering?

Kain Cinta Putih (Putra)

Kain putih yang kuberikan padamu
Kini pudar warna-warnanya
Kuselimut diatas ikal rambutmu
Kian jatuh terus cecah ke bahu

MrHubby's verdict 1: Dah kata warna putih, nak pudar amende? MrHubby's verdict 2: Kata warna putih, nape sebut 'warna-warna' (plural)?


Sketsa Sebuah Cinta (May)

Oh kekasih hatiku selamanya
Keindahan maya itu milik kita
Akanku bina istana istana untuk kita

MrHubby's verdict 1: Dah benda tu maya, camna pulak leh nampak indah? MrHubby's verdict 2: Wah wah wah..banyaknya duit nak bina istana!!!

That doesn't yet include his naughty giggles when listening to Azie's (Kau Tetap Dalam Anganku) song

Walau diacu belati tajam mengugutku
Cinta aku kasih aku tetap utuh hingga ke mati

MrHubby's verdict: Fullamak!!! Belati tajam tu. Kekekeke

Well, I realize there are numerous poetic and mushy blogs written by Malaysian bloggers, esp. women. I can provide some examples, but no offense ay?

In the profile, some might excessively describe themselves as "A loyal wife to a gorgeous knight/husband and a loving mother of two cute little kids"
(oh, no... my way of describing it is a bit lacking)
Anyway, at the sidebars, there could be burbling descriptions, that's also emphasize on the husband's career as a doctor, lawyer, magistrate, etc. (Haha, ada hati nak berlagak dgn kerjaya suami).
So many adjectives and gushy words to describe their love towards the darlings. Tu belum kira lagi kalo silap guna tenses sampai maksud ayat pun berubah! (e.g I was a wife to a handsome doctor).

Well, those are examples, ok?
I do know some humble pies whom never show off or make it obvious as if telling the world they are the only one having the blessed life.
So, no offense ok? If u think what I say is insulting, I'd consider it's 'sapa makan cili, dia terasa pedas' la. Hahaha

Okay fine, it's their choice, but to me, slushy it is unnecessary.
I do love my other half and my munchkin too, but I suppose it is not expressed mawkishly.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Twinky Winky Diaper Cupcake Giveaway

Drama Mama of the Twinky Winky Stars has generously decided to give away two lovely diaper cupcakes

Diaper Cupcakes for Newborns - <>
Diaper Cupcakes for Toddlers - 1 - 2 yrs old

to two lucky bloggers (1 winner for each category).

How? Easy-peasy. Check these T&C.

1) A Malaysian residing in Malaysia -yes
2) Relatives of 'Twinky Winky Stars' owner are NOT allowed to enter this contest -ok
3) Have your own blog or Facebook -yes
4) Follower of Twinky Winky Stars

Mine would be for the newborn category.

Next is the slogan...

"I would love to win the delectable diaper cupcakes from TWINKY WINKY STARS (TWS)'s gonna be my birthday soon, but I'm gonna give it to my sister (to welcome her newborn and delight the proud parents) as an adorable yet practical handmade gifts from Drama Mama's creative idea for her babyshower, symbolizing my thoughtfulness and upscale tastes! "

Join now! Contest ends 28th Feb (midnite).

All the best!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Road safety

Story 1

This CNY season, PDRM and JPJ is having roadblocks here and there, to check on the incompliant road users. Last fortnight, DrTan & I talked about being stopped by the police. She claimed that her husband has once misused his post as a doctor, saying that he sped bcoz he was on his way to the OT. He escaped. (I hope there's no policeman reading my blog. Hehe)

In return, I told her that MrHubby has done a similar thing too, when he was caught red-handed contravening the road rules. The excuse was non-acceptable, I reckon...but well, he got away with it.

So, there we were...chatting on the potential excuses to use if we were in the situation one day.

DrTan: What'd u say if u were caught speeding?

Me: Err..prolly I'd say, I'm in rush to mendidik anak bangsa and stuff like that. Hihihi. Okay x?

DrTan: Hahaha. U think they'd accept that excuse ah?

Me: Ya lor...

DrTan: U r right!

Few days ago, she arrived at the office and told me that she was stopped by a traffic officer.

Me: Hoh? How ley? Tell me what happened.

DrTan: I sped when the light has just turned red, bcoz I know the other light is not yet green. I didn't see there were two policemen at the corner.

Me: So, what did u say?

DrTan: They asked me 'Amoi, where are u going? So fast ah?'

Me: Hahaha. And?

DrTan: I said I was in a hurry for a meeting and I can't believe it I also used the lame excuse of being late to 'mendidik anak bangsa'.


Story 2

I have started to show good examples (baru nak start ke?) of buckling up while in the car. When MrHubby is driving, I'd buckle myself up together with Lil Adam on the co-driver's seat, but he seemed very uncomfortable.

After several attempts, I emphasized that "We have to buckle up, kalau tidak nanti polis tangkap..."
Yet, he demanded to unbuckle before arriving at the destination.

That nite, we were going out for dinner. Seeeing MrHubby fastening his seatbelt, I said to Lil Adam "Oh, u see...we have to buckle up!"

All of a sudden, he replied gibberishly (dengan struktur ayat berterabur) "Haaa...buckle up, nanti Mama polis tangkap!"

We all laughed.

Me: Okay, let's buckle up.

Lil Adam : Tak nak


Friday, February 19, 2010

Daddy's girl, Momma's boy

Hey, peeps! I'm back! Been off the internet for a long CNY break. We didn't go back to hometown though, but as MIL is sick since the past few days, now I am thinking whether or not to go back whilst the hols is about to end soon.

Anyway, since I am still in the mood of the Chinese New Year, let me share with u about one of the many Chinese beliefs. I didn't know this until my Chinese colleague, Dr Tan told me.
Justify Full
She said our kids are the true love of the parent (of the opposite gender) from the previous life (kelahiran terdahulu).
Thus, if our kid is a girl, it means it is the husband's true love, hence daughters mix so well with their daddies.
On the contrary, the baby boys are the wife's true love, hence boys tend to be closer to their moms. wonder there are terms like DADDY'S GIRL and MOMMA'S BOY.

DrTan's husband always boasts that his first true love has come back to him (bcoz their baby, Cailyn is a girl).
So, she said, I can berlagak with MrHubby bcoz Lil Adam means that my first true love is here with me :P

Anyway, that's just a belief. Don't u believe it or u might be khurafat pulak.

Alaa... apa nak kecoh? Opposites attract kan?
I still hope MrHubby's first love will be here too, joining us. I mean, a baby girl la, not his real first love.

p/s: If I have many sons, does that mean I have many true loves from the previous life?

p/s/s: Centa, ada awek lain ke sebelum Mama?

p/s/s/s: Centa, jom balik, 'buat' first love tu... Keh keh keh.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Bedtime story

I have started reading bedtime stories to Lil Adam, and of all books, this one is cute (to me, at least!).

I bought this book when I was still single (Over kan? kawin pun belum, dah berangan!), hoping it'd be the mini-me who like it as much as I do.

Now u see, his passion towards the book...

"Mama...bear book!"

He loves the part when the Little Bear couldn't sleep...
that he'd try to do the same (tertonggeng-tonggeng)

"Mama, lantern..."

And to imitate the Little Bear holding its toes,
look at these piccas...

Perasan comel la tu...

Oh my little darling, I wonder how do I sometimes have the heart to scold u when u r so adorable?

Tortoise feeding

It's gonna be a long weekend, plus the CNY. I guess most people will be full of crowds.

Perhaps I am amongst those Chinese-celup not going back to hometown for makan besar and yee sang with family and relatives. The last time I ate yee sang was when I was with MakNgah's family, celebrating me before I flew off. Or, was that when I was still in relation with that Apek ah? Oh was yaaaammmm senggggg!! :P

Anyway, last weekend was spent taking Lil Adam to the lake for tortoise feeding. So, now it's kinda a routine for him to wake up early during the weekend and grab the bread, asking us to bring him to the lake.

Can u see the 3 tortoises?
"Look mama, totis!"

"Haaa...totis makan.."

"Babai, totis!"

When the bread is finished, we could see the glow in his face, satisfied that he has fed them. Roti bukan sembarangan, Gardenia pulak tu. Tapi apalah sangat kan, nak bersedekah kat haiwan... Kang jadi macam citer Qabil & Habil pulak, nak dapat pahala pun, berkira ke? :P

We also went out for dinner with DrWan's family last weekend.

These girls are unidentical twins tau! The one on the right is K.Za, the mom.

Wah...Adam macam dah terer bergambar la!

Aisey..baru je puji :P

K.Za and Affiq
and last but not least, Lil Adam tersepit in between Nina and yours truly ;)

That's about last weekend, this weekend...err... what the agenda eh?

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