Friday, February 12, 2010

Bedtime story

I have started reading bedtime stories to Lil Adam, and of all books, this one is cute (to me, at least!).

I bought this book when I was still single (Over kan? kawin pun belum, dah berangan!), hoping it'd be the mini-me who like it as much as I do.

Now u see, his passion towards the book...

"Mama...bear book!"

He loves the part when the Little Bear couldn't sleep...
that he'd try to do the same (tertonggeng-tonggeng)

"Mama, lantern..."

And to imitate the Little Bear holding its toes,
look at these piccas...

Perasan comel la tu...

Oh my little darling, I wonder how do I sometimes have the heart to scold u when u r so adorable?


  1. ini mama,
    ini ayah,
    ini mama yg tomel,
    ini ayah yg putih...


    i love both of u...

  2. abuzuhair @ centa,
    sayang rasa kena rakam video lain pulak la. kalo x, dia asyik ingat ayat tu je.
    tapi mama suka part "ini ayah yg hit*m" tu.. kuikuikui

  3. hahaha cuteeee! so happy dia..cute when he starts immitating the bears..

    i pun baru beli the fairy tale classics since irfan loves some of the stories so much, keja grandma dia dok cita time nak tido. mama dia malas ekekeke

    btw, join my giveaway when ur free k..mana tau bole menang our delicious diaper cupcakes!

  4. pandainya adam skiping london...hehehe kagum nyer... sy pon try cikit2 ajar eng.simple eng..wpon sy nyer BI broken haprak..kekeke

    skunk nie slaloo blikan Cd mickeymouse clubhouse...coz umah xmik channel tue...
    alhamdulillah mbina la gak...

  5. wah kebetulan smlm pon i baru startkan bedtime reading regime ngan aisyah. feeling2 mcm omputih sket kan, sbb bkn budaya kita bacakan anak2 buku sblm tido. ingat nak blog psl tuh la nih hehe.

    anyway, mmg rewarding sungguh la xtvt mcm ni before tido. rasa puas ati. since aisyah kcik lg, i wasnt focusing on telling her the story, but pointing at objects, and pronouncing them at her. she learnt to point and pronounced baby, cat, and bees. so proud!

    tp adam lg advance la. dah bole buat full sentence ye u. did he actually say, 'ini ayah yg h*tam'... aiyo.. kids say the darnest things.. LOL but they speak the truth kan hihi ;P

  6. wahhh Is u masuk TV!!! glemerrr you!!!cantikkkk la ur collections ;-)

  7. hahaha.. cute jer masa adam tiru bear tu

  8. drama mama,
    haha. we always kecoh2 want our kids to be this & that, yet we are not working towards it. haha.
    haha. mana ada? masa tu i have just moved in. so, baju bersepah2...xbyk koleksi lagi.

    sbb i malas nak spend so much time to formally educate him, i pun subscribe la those cartoon channels on astro. it helps...
    helps to make adam sit still. haha

    yes, when he said "ini ayah yg h*tam" actually he was imitating what i said in a movie i made in the hp. sbb me & mrhubby selalu mengaku masing2 fair.

    tu perasan kiut la tu. lagi org ckp kiut, lagi dia buat.


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