Saturday, February 20, 2010

Road safety

Story 1

This CNY season, PDRM and JPJ is having roadblocks here and there, to check on the incompliant road users. Last fortnight, DrTan & I talked about being stopped by the police. She claimed that her husband has once misused his post as a doctor, saying that he sped bcoz he was on his way to the OT. He escaped. (I hope there's no policeman reading my blog. Hehe)

In return, I told her that MrHubby has done a similar thing too, when he was caught red-handed contravening the road rules. The excuse was non-acceptable, I reckon...but well, he got away with it.

So, there we were...chatting on the potential excuses to use if we were in the situation one day.

DrTan: What'd u say if u were caught speeding?

Me: Err..prolly I'd say, I'm in rush to mendidik anak bangsa and stuff like that. Hihihi. Okay x?

DrTan: Hahaha. U think they'd accept that excuse ah?

Me: Ya lor...

DrTan: U r right!

Few days ago, she arrived at the office and told me that she was stopped by a traffic officer.

Me: Hoh? How ley? Tell me what happened.

DrTan: I sped when the light has just turned red, bcoz I know the other light is not yet green. I didn't see there were two policemen at the corner.

Me: So, what did u say?

DrTan: They asked me 'Amoi, where are u going? So fast ah?'

Me: Hahaha. And?

DrTan: I said I was in a hurry for a meeting and I can't believe it I also used the lame excuse of being late to 'mendidik anak bangsa'.


Story 2

I have started to show good examples (baru nak start ke?) of buckling up while in the car. When MrHubby is driving, I'd buckle myself up together with Lil Adam on the co-driver's seat, but he seemed very uncomfortable.

After several attempts, I emphasized that "We have to buckle up, kalau tidak nanti polis tangkap..."
Yet, he demanded to unbuckle before arriving at the destination.

That nite, we were going out for dinner. Seeeing MrHubby fastening his seatbelt, I said to Lil Adam "Oh, u see...we have to buckle up!"

All of a sudden, he replied gibberishly (dengan struktur ayat berterabur) "Haaa...buckle up, nanti Mama polis tangkap!"

We all laughed.

Me: Okay, let's buckle up.

Lil Adam : Tak nak



  1. ma doter tk penah pon buckle up herself dlm kete...sungguh tk mahu...slh kami tk gune car seat mase dier kecik2 :D

  2. so, did dr tan escape? hehe

    my kids pun, duduk kat car seat, tapi takmo buckle up. susah tul

  3. nanti mama tangkap polis! hahaha:D

  4. iEfa,
    same here. dulu asyik nak menyusu je dlm keta. so smpi skrg xnak dok sorang2. huwaa...

    yes, she did. gila lawak. dia siap tersenyum sorg2 masa dah melepasi polis tu.
    how la to educate them?

    yaa..mama polis tangkap, mama tangkap polis. janji bukan polis tangkap mama.


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