Friday, February 19, 2010

Daddy's girl, Momma's boy

Hey, peeps! I'm back! Been off the internet for a long CNY break. We didn't go back to hometown though, but as MIL is sick since the past few days, now I am thinking whether or not to go back whilst the hols is about to end soon.

Anyway, since I am still in the mood of the Chinese New Year, let me share with u about one of the many Chinese beliefs. I didn't know this until my Chinese colleague, Dr Tan told me.
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She said our kids are the true love of the parent (of the opposite gender) from the previous life (kelahiran terdahulu).
Thus, if our kid is a girl, it means it is the husband's true love, hence daughters mix so well with their daddies.
On the contrary, the baby boys are the wife's true love, hence boys tend to be closer to their moms. wonder there are terms like DADDY'S GIRL and MOMMA'S BOY.

DrTan's husband always boasts that his first true love has come back to him (bcoz their baby, Cailyn is a girl).
So, she said, I can berlagak with MrHubby bcoz Lil Adam means that my first true love is here with me :P

Anyway, that's just a belief. Don't u believe it or u might be khurafat pulak.

Alaa... apa nak kecoh? Opposites attract kan?
I still hope MrHubby's first love will be here too, joining us. I mean, a baby girl la, not his real first love.

p/s: If I have many sons, does that mean I have many true loves from the previous life?

p/s/s: Centa, ada awek lain ke sebelum Mama?

p/s/s/s: Centa, jom balik, 'buat' first love tu... Keh keh keh.


  1. salzahari,
    hehe.kena kejar u cepat la :P

  2. ajak2 ayam aa??? hahaha:D oits..cepat la wat fb..

  3. glad that ur back babe!
    hihihihi..... chinese do believe in those things huh? byk movies dorang yg cam gitu... erm, i got mia, so she's my hubby's true love la ekkk... ermm.... harus mencari true love sendiri cepat neh...ehehehehe...

    aah la.. cepatlah buat fb!

  4. hmmm.. for us, maknanya both of our first love are here already.. hehehe...
    tapi my daughter is closer to me, and my son is closer to his daddy... how???
    jangan la kata gay! hahaha

  5. bettyone,
    wei...apa pulak ajak2 ayam. ajak betul2 la. kuikui

    apa pulak cepat buat FB. cepat buat true love for urself tu ha..kweng3x.

    haha. dlm chinese belief tu x mention pulak gay. nanti i ask further :P

  6. welcome back...
    hehe... arri is closer to his baba... amd molly to me...

  7. saya ada sorang je true love... :P

  8. lady of leisure,
    kira okay la tu..ada gak true love.

    thats just a chinese belief.

  9. both my daughters are closer to me since I take care of them 24 hours. but if their papa comes back, they'll play with him.


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