Thursday, February 11, 2010

Alluring & mysterious eyes

If I were asked about the body parts I don't like, it's gonna be my eyelashes-they are pointing down and so 'kepam'...
I used to complain and express the discontentedness, until one day Along said "Have u ever seen any Chinese with curly eyelashes?" (that really made me dumbstruck!)
So, prolly, it's the genetic that made those hair on the eyelids so stubborn to curl.

I was once influenced by Kelly to try to curl my eyelashes. Well, Koreans kan memang suka melawa!

Seeing her obsession with mascara, I think her effort is at least being paid somehow. I tried and tried but seemed useless.

When the gedik to try curling the persistent lashes attacked me again, I would buy mascara, eyelash curler, etc. I even have an electric lash curler (battery-operated) but I think it doesn't help much.

Yesterday, when I was out for tiffin at Bukit Raja, suddenly a Chinese girl stopped me. Ingatkan apa le. Rupa-rupanya dia nak promote Shizens (a Korean product) mascara.

She showed me her incredibly long eyelashes, so despite walking into the Deli Rich, I sat on the chair and let her work on my short, kepam lashes. I told myself, if she could make it pointing to the sky, I'd buy the product and give her a tabik spring before I left.

Peggy trying hard to lengthen the lashes (by applying fibre)

Now, trying to make it thicker and voluminous

Guess what?


and after
Significant difference?

So, forget it!
I am so comfortable with the fake lashes.

But hey, if can guarantee me a mascara that can solve the problem, please lemme know. Tak payah la sampai bercabang macam nie...
or yang mcm mata berlumut nie...
A decent one would be fine.


  1. hahaa..lawak la u ni. sempat lg tu! i pun nak tergelak kalau tgk iklan Maybelline...sapa la nak buat eyelashes mcm tu punya happening? terkejut org kalau kita pakai siang hari/ mlm2 pi kedai borong...hahhaha

  2. hehehe.. agak2 boleh lawan rozita che wan punya eyelashes tak? :D

  3. salzahari,
    kalo nak bermaskara bagai dah smpi setengah jam, setakat nak p kedai borong mlm2 tu, alamatnya dgn muka bertempek bedak sejuk la (wpun maskara mantap).

    ish...yg lebat sgt tu nmpk mcm bulu mata unta pulak.

  4. haha..lebat cm bulu mata unta..betul la..untanye eyelash mmg lebat abis...kui3x

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  6. lin muhamad,
    tu la..nanti org panggil isabelle unta pulak. xnak la :P

    apo kato ekau kasi jongkong emas kat aku?

  7. ni aku dengar petua tak tau laa betul ke tidak. SUSU IBU LENTIKKAN BULU MATA!

    (tp aku tak pernah try le kat mata anis) MUEHEHEHE@!~

    kalo nak aku pump out se oz dua buat ko(EWW!)

  8. bila pakai kontek lens, mascara lah benda yang saya paling alah...

  9. ahahahahah....lawak lawak....
    eh babe, try maybeline yg baru tu...yg kaler yellow tu... if not pun yg volume express tu... i pakai ok sebab dia tak bergumpal2..haha!!!

  10. ya ampun yg berlumut tu tak tahan i nengoknya...
    btw, cantik la mata u...

  11. jiji,
    dont worry, i still have my supply :P kan i pun still bf. tapi kan, will it work on adults like us? ke dah too late?:P

    miz J for jelly D,
    adoiyai...kesian u. so, jom join kelab pakai fake lashes je la.

    bulu mata i ni ketegaq, reti ke dia melentik?

    lady of leisure,
    ish u nie...mana ada? (dlm hati, ye ke?)
    *mode: tersiput-siput malu

  12. oits? get urself a MAGNUM mascara..yg maybelline punya..hasilnya amat m'berangsangkan..hahaha:D

  13. bettyone,
    ya ka?have u tried? mascara MAC tu pun mcm x jadi apa ja.
    btw, around 23feb free x?kita pi kariyoki nak?


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