Sunday, June 17, 2007

Forget the old neckties!

Recently Sham asked me to 'repair' his old yellow necktie. I like the design, but I think it's better to buy him new ones.

So, for this year's Father's Day, he got two pieces of necktie… tunin-tunin & koko ;) Hahaha.
He likes it so much (at least that's what he said), so it's kinda worthy that I had hard times trying to find them.

Happy PapaBear’s Day, darl!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Mak's feedback

Actually, I just came back from visiting the students on industrial training at DOE Perak and DOE Perlis.

The last time I went back was in March, and people could hardly tell that I was pregnant. But this time, it can be said as obvious. No wonder Mak showed a smug face although I didn't officially tell her.

Besides, Abah played his role to chitchat with us during dinner about my EDD, and the whereabouts of my confinement would be.

Out of the blue, she came to me... advising what I can/cannot eat. She also told Sham that she was craving for onde-onde (kuih bom) when she almost gave birth to me. She managed to make some before she felt the contraction, so she left everything behind and rushed to the hospital.

Mmm...I see that she could be excited. But I just couldn't forget the bitter part.

Anyway...Before coming back to Shah Alam, we went out for a dinner with Acik’s family and Abah at a place near the sea. Well, it was Abah’s birthday…but we did not prepare any present for him. Bertuah punya anak! Hehe...

Saturday, June 9, 2007

The desperate housewives?

I just came back from KAP at ILQaM. As I was in different group with Dr Tan, I made new friends with Dzura, Fe, Kay, As and Yan.

We were so attached that someone addressed us as the Desperate Housewives!

Haha..if so, I better reserve my place as Lynette. Not to say that my other friends are pudding head. But out of all, I am more like the character played by Felicity Huffman.

I am not bitchy like Edie,
not as stupid as Susan Mayer,
not as perfectionist as Bree,
and not as disPublish Postloyal as Gaby.

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