Thursday, December 31, 2009

English or BM?

Hey mates,

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I am still in doubt whether to proceed blogging in English, or to switch to BM.

Polling is closed on 6th Jan 2010, late at nite.

2010: turn into a new leaf

Last nite, MrHubby & I went to buy some books for his subordinates (as a token before he left for the HQ).

Not a bookworm, but MrHubby is so fond of books. He reads more than I do. As he got into the car, he showed me a book entitled "Gerakan Freemasonry", a gift from his subordinate.

I am the typical one who loves to talk/listen more (Blame it on my job!), so I just flipped thru the book once, and put it on the back seat.

MrHubby: Why not u browse thru a lil bit?
Me : Err.. (finding a good excuse). No thanks la.
MrHubby: I wonder why are u a lecturer whereas u don't read much.
Me : Eheh...I don't like heavy topics, kan? that's why u should follow me for my PhD.

(Haha. Buleh gitu? MrHubby reads the journals and extract them for me. Dasar pemalas!)

Hmm... I should get rid off that bad habit this coming year. year!!!

Happy new year, friends!
As Oprah said, Cheers to a new year, another chance to get it right! Hahaha :P

I haven't been out countdowning for the Detik 12 malam (mcm tajuk citer hantu yg Sarimah & Yusof Haslam berlakon la pulak) for quite some time now.

Emmm...too old for that? Nah...
I just hate crowds. With Lil Adam, that is a worse idea.
I'd rather stay at home, watching the TV, snuggling in the duvet with a full stomach, or having a quiet time for myself (xkan la nak mention berzikir pulak kan?!)

Amongst the New Year's eve I remember is the nite I first met my PIL at K.Mie's (SIL) place.
--> as blogged here.

For this 2010, I wish to

-be better in everything
-spend more quality time with MrHubby, Lil Adam, etc.
-be nicer to the people around me
-develop a positive mind

Career-wise, I'll be

-publishing books (2 Industrial Safety books on the way), must work on Biotech and Hydrology next.
-working on a research (regardless I get the grant or not) to suit the Uni's poyo agenda
-teaching might not be the main focus, yet it's continual improvement
-organize! organize! (kemas le workstation tu, Isabelle oiii!)

I'd also love to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to my fellow blogger frens (u know who u r!). The way we share stories, excitement, sorrow, etc. might seem superficial yet it is meaningful.
Truth been told is I really appreciate our virtual/once-in-a-blue-moon-or-never-hangout friendship. It's pure.

♪♫ ♪ pure...divine...♫ ♪♫
(maka Gerard Joling's Everlasting Love pun berkumandang di udara). Haha.

Lil Adam & the snowman (will he be a bookworm like Ayah or a lazybone like Mama?)

Again, I wish u all a happy and prosperous new year (sounds like Chinese New Year pun ada!)
Y'know what? Many people look forward to the new year for a new start on old habits. What about u?

p/s: Pls join in the poll on the right handside. Thanks!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Coming to the end

2009 is coming to the end. Tomorrow is the last day.
Looking back, I see a simple path, neither with blooming flowers, nor with many rough patches along the way.

Anyway, no turning regrets...
I want to look forward... for a better year, next year (hmm..will have to have a quiet 'me' time tonite or tomorrow to plan ahead).
What about u guys? Is 2009 more of a happy year for u, or a not-so-good one?
I hope it wasn't that bad. We might have less than 48 hrs to ponder, but it should be enough to chart the upcoming year.

Hey, anybody can come and smell my underarm like this.... Hehehe.

Know why? Bcoz ur nostril hair will never be entangled with my armpit hair. Huahuahua...
as I have got myself an epilator (as I wished--> here)

Panasonic Wet/Dry Epilator, RM109

The result?!!!

Voila! Easy-peasy 'lawn mowing' :P

And it doesn't hurt that much too. Except the first time when I tried it, bcoz I pressed too hard onto the skin (konon to get a better grip la).

(I wanted to put up a pix of me posing with the hairless underarm, but gila wei...xde gambar lain ke nak taruk?)

Monday, December 28, 2009

Lets go to the zoo

"Let's go to the zoo
there're lots of things to do..."

The last time I came here was in 1990 (I was still in primary school). Perghh!!! Lama giler. So, I come again, after almost two decades, with my own son!

Anyway, yesterday was Adam and Pasha's day out to see the animals at the National Zoo, KL.

Wah! MrHubby look so 'round' in this pix. Lariiiiiii.....

Adam waving hello at the monkeys. Actually, it was siamang...but we teach him all monyet, kera, siamang, ungka, orang utan and the like as 'monkey'. Hehehe. Senang! Unless Adam wants to be a zoologist!

There was this bee show. While watching him, two things came to my mind...
1. This guy is as skinny as my Abah la.
2. How much is he been paid to do this, eh?

The art from beeswax that caught my attention. Cute!

I know Piglet is Pooh Bear's friend. But why la BerryBear's family have to enjoy watching the stinky oink-oinks? baru betul.
The BerryBear's family and the bears.

And us too!

"Those are buffalos..." or...
Align Center"U have to squat like this to poo-poo" :P

Adam cuak while feeding the mousedeer. Ada ke patut, dia terus campak je the carrot dlm pagar tu.

Tengok Pasha nih...Cool je.

Ohh.. but when it comes to patting the goat, he's okay. Aisey..nampak tangan je!

MamaPasha and Adam both admiring the giant tortoise

Uuuu..big lizard!!!

The lost tourist.
Eleh-eleh MrHubby buat-buat belek map pulak :P

Pasha: Let's do what Papa taught us just now.
Adam: Can we poo-poo here? Nanti ada orang amik gambar masuk blog la.

These cute rabbits remind me of the rabbits I had when I was small.

"Tortoise banyakkkk.... Kesian tortoise!" (I have no clue why he is so kesian at the tortoise)

Ye, korang tengok la binatang tu... Yang penting, aku nak posing.

Mousedeer and tapir. Eh, or was it tenuk or cipan?

Then, we stopped for lunch. Kesian Mamapasha, xtahan pedas rupanya. Next time, aku bikin mi kecap doang ya? Hihihi...

My over-friendly son, approaching a stranger after his meals. Eh, I thought it was a lady, but I was wrong. nasib baik x cakap "Sori ye, kak. Anak saya kacau pulak."

After lunch...Adam demanded to be dukung-ed by MrHubby. Yippee!!! So, xde la lenguh tangan Mama.

As for Pasha, he demanded "Mama, push...." (ordering Mamapasha to push the stroller) and BerryBear was excited to escape from the task :P

The tiger was so far away.

But I like these most... the elephants!
Sampai tertonggeng2 Adam tengok...

Eleh...bukan kau sorang je boleh feed gajah tu, dik oii (mode: dengki)

See, Adam can do it too!

And I like these long-neck creatures.

Hehe.. Mesti sengih although Adam is not happy being close to the giraffes.

Yay! It ate my banana!
Now...the flamingos. Can anybody tell me, why do they stand on one leg? Tak reti lenguh ke?

"Is this a real elephant, Mama?"

Adam might be afraid of the other animals, but he likes riding this hippo. Mama pun tumpang sekaki.

Before we left the zoo...

And an attempt to cam-whore. Not bad, ay?

Adam was so tired after hours of excitement but we believe he enjoyed it very much.

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