Thursday, December 24, 2009

Some food are funny

Marmite. Have u heard the name before? It is a yeast extract that is a by-product of beer-brewing.

When I was small, we (Along, Acik & I) love playing with the shadows made by hand gestures...and we'll sing the song as in the ad...
"Marmite...kebaikan yang lazat untuk membesar"

Hahaha. But in fact we have never tasted it! Bovril is also thick dark bread spread, similar to Marmite that is also used as flavouring in casseroles or soups, but in Aussie..the popular brand is Vegemite.

Most Aussies love it, except my BACS buddy, Denny. He admitted that Vegemite sucks (I believe it's bcoz they smell horrible!)

Me & Denny watching sunset at Mt Coottha

Hehe. I dont remember, these yeast extracts taste like, neither did I remember how they look like, not until recently I saw MrBean (on TV) dipping some appetizers into the Marmite jar for his guests :P

Anyway, speaking of Aussie food, amongst others are

Anzac biscuits - The traditional biscuits baked by anxious wives and mothers during World War I, packed in food parcels, and sent to the Australian soldiers in the trenches. It tastes just like any other cookies, if u ask my hopeless tastebuds. Hehe :P

Pavlova - the meringue-based (sugar and egg white) desert that tastes like bubbles! It is airy, light, and sweet! And if u ask why is the name so is actually named after a Russian ballerina, Anna Pavlova who visited Perth once ago, that it was created during her visit.

Harap je lawa, rasa macam makan buih!

Lamingtons - are cubic sponge/butter cake dipped in chocolate and coated with dessicated coconut. Why Lamington? It was named after a popular governor of Queensland, Baron Lamington. Err...agak-agak nanti ada orang cipta kuih Zeti Akhtar tak? BTW, I think lamington looks very much like our kuih kasui :P

So, that's my opinion about some Aussie dishes.

But when I brought John to the Malaysian Makan-makan Nite, he said most Malaysian kuihs are sweet (that's undeniably true!), however he described tepung talam as "It tastes funny!"

I suppose it's the creamy taste of the coconut milk that made him come up with such word.
Whatever. Your Aussie dishes pun bukannye semua sedap kat tekak I.


  1. omg pavlova tastes like buih.baru teringat,dulu susah betul nak describe rase die.weird tak sedap pun haha

  2. damiqula,
    yes, it's too airy kan? not sure la if yg i mkn tu mmg ada sabun ke...hahaha

  3. Semasa pantang bersalin dahulu, dek kerana bosan makan nasi, saya makan oat + marmite dan sup sayur. Lebih sihat kata doktor :)

  4. QM,
    fuiyooo..hebat la u. camna rasanya? sedap x? i think i tastes like seasonings for congee kot.

  5. husband i makan bovril.. skrg punya bovril dah halal kan.. but i tak boleh telan.. hehe.. rasa dia aneh skit...

  6. Ohhhh I love pavlova la...dun ask me why but I just like that unique 'airy' bite...and meringue too! :)

    tapi i like the smell of marmite...but I've not tasted it before ;p

  7. Lady of leisure,
    hehe. i have no idea la dear. i just remember the bovril ad masa kecik2 dulu...ada bull kan?

    wahh..ur tastebud is so australian la!

  8. haah i pon nak cakap lamington tu macam kuih kasuwi hahahaha..diorg tiru kot

  9. ahhhh i actually teringin sangat nak makan pavlova! tak sedap rupanya eh? hhehehehehe

  10. farah,
    lps ni kalo nak beli kasui, kita sebut lamington la. harus makcik kuih tu blur kejap.haha

    not bad la actually.cuma pelik sbb rasa mcm buih. tapi kalo boh dgn sekati whipped cream & decorate dgn strawberries segala, sedap kot.

  11. dlm byk2 gmbr mknan tu, x pernah jumpa biskut tu and lamington. kat UK pon ramai suka makan marmite, but I have to pass. mcm x brp lalu la tgk n bau.

    pavlova plak, nmpk sedap sbb colourful topping dia, tp mcm tertipu sket pon ada gak hehe.

    ke i ni memilih sgt bab mkn? x adventurous langsung!

  12. aa la lamnigton tu sebijik cam kuih kasui rupa dia ..ntah2 Aussie tiru msian's cuisine ehehe

  13. dulu time kecik2 i mkn bovril tu...sukaaaa sgt... but now when i taste it rasa mcm YUCKKKKKKK!!!!! sgt tidak sedap..camane la i blh telan masa kecik2 dulu tu...kahkah...

  14. my hubby and my daughters like Marmite but not me. I've tried made the ANZAC cookies before as kiwis also celebrate the ANZAC Day.

  15. u begmr dkt mt cootha tu teringat i pgi dulu mlm dgn ujan nye..xdpt pun nk menikmati keindahan...cewah hehe

  16. oyis,
    i setuju part rasa tertipu dgn pavlova tu. kehkehkeh...
    mmg nmpk lawa, tapi nak kata smpi tahap menjilat siku tu, tidak le.

    yatie chomel,
    dah tiru kuih melayu, buat2 letak nama org putih pulak.
    err.agak2...lempeng kita tu klon drp penkek ke, vice versa?

    i pun x ingat prnh rasa x masa kecik dulu. tapi iklannye cukup mempengaruhi i smpi i ingat lagu iklan tu hingga ke arini.

    jadi x anzac cookies nye?

    wallaweyy...romantic tu dlm ujan!!!
    hehehe. jadi memori daun pisang la.kuikuikui...

  17. I suka coffee meringue!! mak i selalu buat masa raya!


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