Thursday, December 3, 2009

So u think u can dance?

Actually, I love dancing very much. From the traditional joget, to modern ballrooom dance. I used to watch Strictly Dancing (in OZ) and now I love it when there's Sehati Berdansa.

Last 2 nites, I watched So U Think U Can Dance, the reality show. I just love to see the contestants swaying their sexy slender hips to the beat of the songs. Whoah!!! So graceful!

And I realize Cikebum has also developed the same passion. It has been a few times that he stretched his arms towards me when I was watching the dance shows.

I tot he wanted me to dukung him. Instead, he insisted on tilting and inclining together with me!!!

Galak betul! Siap lembik-lembikkan badan lagi to let me bend him backwards. Hehe. Dari mana lagi le dia dpt penyakit galak nak menari tu? :P

Looking back, I could have been good at salsa by now, if I shared my passion with C.fu before. Err... I mean salsa the dance, not the the tomato-based spicy sauce.

That's bcoz he too, loves dancing! Aha! Pakcik tu nampak je ganas (mati aku kalo C.fu baca nih!) tapi bab-bab nak jadi romantic ni, x agak-agak!

And I was the unfortunate one for not having the courage to attend dancing class with John, my classmate or to find a friend to go together.

Well, salsa might sound a bit flashy on me. It requires a good partner to move together at fast beat. But hey, I also love tap dance!

I wish I could put on the tap shoes and clack across the floor. It's nice to 'hear' the dance and to control the music we make with our own feet!

How to tap?
Step 1

Put on your tap shoes and some cool music.

Step 2

Start by tapping your toe to the beat. Do this faster and faster to build strength.

Step 3

Brush the ball of one foot forward and then back to shuffle.

Step 4

Step back on the ball of your right foot and step on your left (or vice versa) to do the ball change.

Step 5

Brush forward with the ball of your foot and step on the ball of it for the flap.

Step 6

Do a cramproll by jumping up and landing with your feet. Do this in the following order: Land first on the ball of your right foot, then the ball of your left foot, followed by your right heel and, finally, your left heel.

Step 7

Step with your right foot and touch your left toe behind it for the step toe.

Step 8

Learn the stomp. It's similar to stepping, but you hit your foot on the ground to stomp and then lift it off (placing no weight on the foot when you stomp).

Step 9
Perform the shuffle hop. Do the basic shuffle with your right foot and, leaving your right foot in the air, jump up.

and if it didn't work...

Just do this...."Hantam-sajalah-Labuuuuu-step" :P


  1. ooo... i loooove salsa too!!! but it gets really2 complicated bila masuk bab pusing2 i just lost my steps haha!..

    btw, i took salsa classes awhile back. skang dah pencen, sbb x cukup masa nak gi huhu

  2. wow! i have another reason to envy u!
    hmm... ur hubs xnak jadi ur dancing partner ke?

  3. haa i suka tengok orang tap dance. cool!

  4. i ngan husband ada plan nak gi dancing class.. at the same time boleh kuruskan badan hihi..

  5. me too love to dance!!!!! kira joget lambak time kenduri kawen my untys & uncles kat kampung dulu...muahahaha.. tp skang ni agak kureng la... kalo ade pon takat kat umah je la.. tak pun kalo gi k-ok dgn hubby...heheheheheheh

  6. wahh..pandainya Adam..Aliah pun suka gak meniru aksi2 Sehati Berdansa terutamnya lagu rancak! siap nak buat breakdance tu..ahaha...Tap Dance pun memang best.

  7. darwisy selalu jadi mangsa kena jadi partner mama menari.. hehehe...

    sekali sekala tengok juga sehati berdansa... kemain lagi si kecik tu ikut menari... hehehe

  8. i\ll go for step hantam saja lah tu for tap dancing. but for salsa dance. i think it is easier and also fun..u should try it as well

  9. drama mama,
    yes, cool.i kalo tgk org tapping, mesti tunggu smpi abis.

    lady of leisure,
    syoknya. leh romantik2 mcm zmn bercinta dulu.hehe

    bestnya ada joget lambak!
    karaoake tu-i tgh hasut mrhubby utk gi sama2. aritu nak gi, dia sakit tekak pulak.

    fuiyo! breakdance tuuu...ganaz anak dara sorg tu.

    darwisy tgk mama sorg je menari, dia pun nak join la.

    yatie chomel,
    no partner la. mrhubby is not so into it. dia menari dgn i pun main2 je.i kena ugut nak partner dgn org lain la...hehehe (alamak kantoi kalo laki mak baca)


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