Thursday, December 31, 2009

2010: turn into a new leaf

Last nite, MrHubby & I went to buy some books for his subordinates (as a token before he left for the HQ).

Not a bookworm, but MrHubby is so fond of books. He reads more than I do. As he got into the car, he showed me a book entitled "Gerakan Freemasonry", a gift from his subordinate.

I am the typical one who loves to talk/listen more (Blame it on my job!), so I just flipped thru the book once, and put it on the back seat.

MrHubby: Why not u browse thru a lil bit?
Me : Err.. (finding a good excuse). No thanks la.
MrHubby: I wonder why are u a lecturer whereas u don't read much.
Me : Eheh...I don't like heavy topics, kan? that's why u should follow me for my PhD.

(Haha. Buleh gitu? MrHubby reads the journals and extract them for me. Dasar pemalas!)

Hmm... I should get rid off that bad habit this coming year. year!!!

Happy new year, friends!
As Oprah said, Cheers to a new year, another chance to get it right! Hahaha :P

I haven't been out countdowning for the Detik 12 malam (mcm tajuk citer hantu yg Sarimah & Yusof Haslam berlakon la pulak) for quite some time now.

Emmm...too old for that? Nah...
I just hate crowds. With Lil Adam, that is a worse idea.
I'd rather stay at home, watching the TV, snuggling in the duvet with a full stomach, or having a quiet time for myself (xkan la nak mention berzikir pulak kan?!)

Amongst the New Year's eve I remember is the nite I first met my PIL at K.Mie's (SIL) place.
--> as blogged here.

For this 2010, I wish to

-be better in everything
-spend more quality time with MrHubby, Lil Adam, etc.
-be nicer to the people around me
-develop a positive mind

Career-wise, I'll be

-publishing books (2 Industrial Safety books on the way), must work on Biotech and Hydrology next.
-working on a research (regardless I get the grant or not) to suit the Uni's poyo agenda
-teaching might not be the main focus, yet it's continual improvement
-organize! organize! (kemas le workstation tu, Isabelle oiii!)

I'd also love to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to my fellow blogger frens (u know who u r!). The way we share stories, excitement, sorrow, etc. might seem superficial yet it is meaningful.
Truth been told is I really appreciate our virtual/once-in-a-blue-moon-or-never-hangout friendship. It's pure.

♪♫ ♪ pure...divine...♫ ♪♫
(maka Gerard Joling's Everlasting Love pun berkumandang di udara). Haha.

Lil Adam & the snowman (will he be a bookworm like Ayah or a lazybone like Mama?)

Again, I wish u all a happy and prosperous new year (sounds like Chinese New Year pun ada!)
Y'know what? Many people look forward to the new year for a new start on old habits. What about u?

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  1. eh I pon suka gak lagu everlasting love tu..olides gak I kan? ehehe

    happy new year 2 u too ;) i dh vote

  2. happy new year to isabelle and family...
    hope 2010 lebih baik untuk kita semua...
    thanks sbb jadi blogger friend yg best n friendly..
    hope ada rezeki untuk berjumpa one day..

  3. yatie chomel,
    if u say u r oldies, i am oldieries. haha. bcoz i listen to lotsa old songs. ish..terasa sungguh tua.

    have a blast!!!

    lady of leisure,
    insyaAllah. me too, would love to meet u one day.entah apa kita akan sembang nnt ye? haha

  4. selamat sambut tahun baru is...
    semoga tahun mendatang memberikan kehidupan yang lebih bermakna.. :D

  5. sya,
    selamat tahun baru juga. harap2 byk kegembiraan menanti dlm tahun 2010 ni.

  6. i seketul mcm u. my husband, he reads the newspapers, watches the news, follows political issues etc... i dgr je bila dia berhujah, kdg x tau apa2, sampai he said those exact statement to me jgk, 'lecturer apa ni x tahu psl keadaan semasa?'.

    hehe... nasib baik kitaorg field lain, so journals tu i sendiri baca la. kalo ada extractkan pon bagus jg hehe

    happy new year, Is!

  7. noris,
    hehehe. mmg i x minat isu2 dunia, politik & segala mak nenek yg heavy tu. so, i am still the lazy me...kdg2 the simplest general knowledge pun i tanya kat dia. hahaha.


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