Monday, December 7, 2009

Tips/strategy to be the Prom King/Queen I wasn't the one!!!! Pls read the entry to the end.

As I have been touting last week, I had a faculty dinner last Friday. Well, it wasn't a great one. *sigh*

The setting was grand! Yet it seems like the participation/attendance was a bit poor, plus I feel like only certain people are being 'celebrated'...esp. those researchers (in agreement with the Uni's aim to become an RU).

Anyway, I promise, next year is gonna be my year!!!

Well, that nite... as encouraged by my fellow bloggers frens, I wore my bluish purple dress as u could see in the pix...

It's nice to see most of the faculty members put extra effort to look their best, not to mention some fashion victim :P

I arrived early with DrWan (as scheduled in the tentative) and took a seat next to the former Deputy Dean & Dr Harinder.

We chitchat and I didn't get up of my seat until the event ended, although part of me really wanted to go around and say hi to some people.

I believe that's the reason I wasn't noticed, besides the lacking in terms of my contribution to the faculty.

Wak Lempo, the Jamu Nano guy.

Joget and saturday nite fever by the admin team.

Hey, I don't mind not getting the Prom Queen title, as I don't wanna be paired with the narcisstic Prom King. Hahaha.
But the Prom Queen wore a dress with a black inner, which I think is only half-elegant.

So, the tips/strategies to make yourself in the limelight...

1. Wear something nice, though might seem overdone.
Don't be afraid to apply a 5-inch make-up or fake eyelashes. Wear bling-blings as much as possible. It's better than u appear as the sloppy one.

2. Arrive a bit late, so others notice how well u dress up.
This was my biggest mistake. So, lessons learnt.

3. Else, u might have to walk around, chitchatting with others.
Although u might have to excuse urself from the table, go mad cam-whoring. Ignore others if they are staring sternly at u.

4. If no.3 makes u look desperate, tone it down by doing a performance.
This is an indirect way to be in the limelight. Nevertheless, make sure u don't fool urself with silly performance like a clown.

5. If no.4 is not possible (bcoz u have stage fright or u just don't possess the talents to sing/act), do something significant for the Faculty, that'll make u go up the stage. E.g book publication, research, gila research, research lagi, lagi-lagi research...etc. Hahaha

Hahaha. This particularly applies to my workplace. Very the poyo!

Hmmm....As I said, next year is gonna be my year.
I mean, not to be a Prom Queen, but I'll go up the stage for something I can be proud of.


  1. hehe lama dah tak pergi event2 camni..

  2. baju nya bikin kamu nampak gendut is... ;)

  3. farah,
    ur company xde buat annual dinner ke?

    liat foto yg akhir tu, bu...
    aisey..pokoknya, aku emang udah gendut kali? :P

  4. sis, dia pakai tudung kOttt..tu yang pakai inner..but, u tOO lOOk gOrjes =)

    p/s btw, UiTM eh? i jaga research..admin je =)

  5. eh,,i x nmpk baju Prom Queeen takleh comment...but ur dress, so nice la my dear!

  6. bOnDa,
    i think, pakai inner atau sarung lengan will make u look semi-formal, hence semi-elegant.
    so, x cukup proper la.

    dia pakai dress tali halus, tapi utk cover badan, dia match dgn black inner.
    anw, thanks ;)

  7. wah meriahnya..
    i sangat tak pandai dalam nak pilih pakaian ni...
    kata org less is more.. tapi for certain occasion, less is not always more kan hihi..

  8. xpe, next year will definitely be your year :)

  9. Lady of leisure,
    betul tu. less is not always more.
    so, kdg2 tu, biar over.hahaha

    Aminnn. am working on it.

  10. =( company i takde event camni... anyway.. ur baju ni kejap pepel kejap grey hehaahah@!~

  11. dr.rai! sehat dia noo~ waa..rindunya!
    yup! bek ang x dpt title tu drp kena pair dgn *ehem2*..hahaha..

  12. la inspirasi sy utk jd queen of the night aritu.. ;) *pngakuan jujur lak tetbe*


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