Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Adam speaks Japanese!

I am supposed to blog about this yesterday, as yesterday Lil Adam was 2yrs, 2mths & 22days.

I realize lately, he loves to chuckle with his hands covering his mouth. Ala-ala perasan comel la tu!

This is one of the video of Lil Adam singing the Ultraman song.
Actually, there's plenty more, but I haven't transferred them from my hp.

I am so impressed with him bcoz recently, he managed to count to ten in Malay and English!!!
This was how he did it...
One, two, tee, four, six, seven, ett, nine, ten...

Satu, wa, tiga, epat, nam, tujuh, apan, ilan, puluh....

..and if u realize,no.5 is missing in both series. Hahaha. Ko x suka no.5 ke, Adam?

One more thing, he is always confused between KFC & McD.

No matter whenever he sees both signs/ads on TV, he'd say..."McDonalds..."
There were times when MrHubby taught him...

MrHubby: Look! What's that?
Adam : McDonalds
MrHubby: It's KFC...
Adam : McDonalds la!
MrHubby: No, that is KFC.
Adam :Bukan la, McDonalds!
MrHubby : Okay la...It's McDonalds (assuming he'd say KFC)
Adam : *silent*

Whatever, son... We juz love u to the max. And I can't imagine in a few months time, what would I be blogging on ur milestone...


  1. hahaha... sangat cute ok... esp part adam silent tang kfc and mc d tuh...

  2. amboi, pandainya adam menyanyi2...
    ni mesti mama adam pun duk nyanyi sama... hehehe

  3. MUAHAHAHAH@!~ alahai layan ultraman!!

    NI yang nak soh anak dara I layan jugak ni!

  4. hahaha lawak aa yang part mcd ngan kfc tu..agaknye die tgk dua2 pon ade burger ngan ayam kot.

  5. Lady of Leisure,
    haha.ingat dia nak keliru, rupanya pandai pulak dia.

    kyk mamanya juga ya? ;")

    alamak..kantoi pulak :P

    satgi dia layan sungguh, jenuh u nak control.

    biasanya nmpk McD mmg dia ckp McD. tapi KFC tu pun dia nak kata McD gak. haru betul.


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