Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Motherly instinct, anyone?

I might not have that motherly instinct like Jaya Bachchan did (in Kabhie Kushi Kabhie Gham) when Shah Rukh Khan jumped off the personal helicopter onto the compund of their English country mansion.

But I'd day that at least I have a slight intense feeling responsive to stimuli that is similar to that one.

That day when Cikebum had a fever, MrHubby and I woke up a few times in the wee hours to check on him. Well, I suppose it is pretty normal that we become extra-aware once we hold the title 'moms'.

So, when I woke up a few times, I found myself inserting the tympanic thermometer into his ears, worried if his temperature shoot up abruptly. There was one time that I asked MrHubby to do it, and the sleepy-eyed me heard him saying the temperature was ok.
All of a sudden, I felt something was not right, so I jumped off the bed (Wah! Bab exaggerate serah kat aku) and checked again. It was 39 degrees!

So, we had to rush him for a quick bath (sponging wouldn't help that much anymore) and inserted a suppository med. Thanks to that herd instinct, else he might have a febrile fits again. Who knows?

MyMIL also has a strong motherly instinct, I'd say. When MrHubby was away in the uni, he was once severely injured while playing rugby, but he just told his sister bcoz he didn't want the mother to be worried. Surprisingly, she had a strange dream, so she checked with the daughter, and discovered what she saw in the dream was true. (Uiii... kuatnye instinct!)

So, u believe in motherly instinct?


  1. ok, i mmg suka sgt dgn cite kabhi kushi tu.. i nangis2 tgk cite tu ok.. haha... sedih2.. but i definately la takde instinct cam mak dia tu.. apatah lagi cam ur MIL... cuma if my baby not feeling well ke ape, in the middle of the nite or pagi-pagi buta tu i akan dapat rasa yg she needs me & i akan cepat2 attend dia.. :D

  2. fizamior,
    tu kira mother instinct la jugak la kan? (hehe.ayat xnak kalah)

  3. Absolutely I believe in mother instinct.. its already in me (built in tau..) once I got Iffah my first baby.. and my common advice when some frens came to me.. need my advice on kids matter.. I will always say to follow your mother instinct..

    psstt... wife instinct ade x?? i ade tau.. heh

  4. I couldn't agree more. semua mothers mesti ada motherly instinct ni.

  5. i do believe in motherly instinct...
    sbb kalau dengan my mom... apa dia tanya tu i ngelat nak jawab... dia tau jer hal yg sbnr hehe..

  6. mamamarina,
    fuiyooo...hebat la u ada wife instinct. perturun ilmu sikit, boleh? hahaha

    nur,nura,nurad, yani,
    hehe. i believe sikit2 je.

    lady of leisure,
    it doesnt work on me-my mom relationship. nasib baekkk.

  7. yes sis.totally agree with u..I have a serious problem few years back and nearly do the dumbest thing in my life and out of sudden mom called me and asked wether im ok or not.eventhough we was so far apart.She got an instinct saying that her girl is not alright..Sayang emak sgt2..and all the mommies in d world

  8. asu,
    unfortunately (or is it fortunately?), my mom is waaaayyyy far from yours.


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