Thursday, December 10, 2009

Music of my heart

Hey, am waiting for the Sch Waste Workshop to start, so I'm listening to my playlist in the subfolder Rock Kapak. Well, this is my most fav genre of all...the slow rock songs of the 80's and 90's. I could sing almost all of 'em (Read: sing=with the right lyrics, not necessarily like a nightingale!)

Do u listen to this kinda music too? C’mon…let’s share with me.

Well, although I’m a bad tempered person, I love mellow songs as they’re genial and easy to the ears. Hence is one of my choice when I tune on the radio. I disfavor listening to exaggeration by Abby Fana, though… not to mention Kak Engku’s gelak-je-lebih poyoness in the Sinar Pagi slot.

The second fav subfolders are Jiwang Karat, that keeps all the mushy Malay songs (okay, u may start laughing at me now!) and the Sentimental subfolder (English). But, these affable jiwang karat songs diffuse warmth and keep me floating in the air when listening to them. Lagho x hengatttt!!! :P

The My Love Songs subfolder lists down all the songs I used to listen to when MrHubby (my bf, then) and I were in the long-distance relationship.

Okay, let’s move on to another genre. When I am in a good mood for head banging or swaying my hips, I’d select and play all the songs in the Malay Fast Beat or Morning Beat (English) subfolder. That rarely happens, though. But I tell u what- when I play ‘em all, my fingers would be knocking on the keyboard quicker than I would when I listen to slow drippy songs. Hahaha.

Other subfolders in my list are:

Lagu tawin: I made this collection prior to my wedding day, but still I listen to them nowadays (bila mood gatal nak bersanding is in the air).

Lagu Raya: is definitely a sesonal subfolder, but still whenever it's still months away to Ramadhan, I'd just play 'em all bila rasa gedik nak raya that is.

Nasyid: plus the recital of the verses in the Holy Quran. Mesti ada nih..kalo x, mesti kena panah dgn petir! :P

There were also times when I am carried away by emotions and would only play 2,3 songs and that definitely caused my officemates to suffer-having to listen to them again and again for hours. Hehehehe. Kesian diorang ekk?

What about U? What sorta music do U like? How many CDs do u have in your collection?

I don’t have many, but the most special one would be the one autographed by my Abg Nuar (ohhh…Anuar Zain centaku!) with some special scribbles in it. Hehehe.

Aisey...lupa lak nak snap gmbr that special CD :P

And I’d say that the most embarrassing album in my collection is a pirated cassette of Siti Nurhaliza. Hahaha. Bcoz I don’t like her, but I still used to listen to her singing anyway.

Let’s share with me yours... ur fav album and ur most embarassing album collection It’s gonna be an all-round glee!


  1. I can't remember the last time I bought a cassette or cds. but I used to have Annuar Zain's, Rem's, Mariah Carey, and Celine Dion.

  2. i ada ct nurhaliza jugak dalam kereta..ekekeke...
    ok yg i suka:
    -sade ngan english 80's love songs..
    kalau pi karaoke i mesti nak nyanyi 'tonight i celebrate my love for u(peabo bryson ngan roberta flack)' duet ngan hubby.. ekeke...
    -luther vandros punye lagu pun i suke esp yg duet ngan marioah carey 'endless love'...

  3. dulu2, masa sekolah, gila kaset rock kapak. berpuluh2 la jugak.. err, tah2 ratus.. huhu.. tapi, sekarang guna mp3 je laa.. husband tak suka dengar.. dengar masa travel sorang2 je laa..

    selain dari rock kapak, paling banyak, cd/kaset melly goeslow.. kenapa tah suka sangat dengan dia.. :P

  4. nur,nura,nurad,yani,
    me too. skrg ni main mp3 je. i like those singers too.

    lady of leisure,
    wow!u have a good taste!
    i kalo nak karaoke dgn mrhubby, rasanya suara i sorg je la yg kedengaran kot :P

    kesian sya kena cari masa sorg2 baru leh dgr.
    my hubby doesnt seem to know most of the rock kapak songs, but still he enjoys it whenever i put them in the playlist.

  5. ahah i pon ada folder rock kapak tu but my hubby rename the folder tu "lagu purba" hahahhaa...

  6. i pon ade 80's & 90's love songs...hahahaha... mariah carey..whitney houston.. bla bla..

    but the most embarassing collection would be the KRU songs!!! huarghhh!!! PEMINAT FANATIK KRU dolu2 nih..haha..rappers gitew..kihkih...siap tgk filem awas & pegi konsert KRU.. aduyai...

  7. ahhhh, MY HUSBAND is like you. adala lagu rock kapak rock melayu rock segala. hahaha

    i dun listen to music so much now, dulu2 adala tapi i dun haf anything specific. dengar yang kat radio ja kot. hehehe

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  9. yatie chomel,
    lagu purba? ur husband dgn myhubby tu sama2 hibernate gamaknye zaman rock kapak dulu tu. huahuahua

    walaweiii..kalo tgk balik gmbr2 zaman u jd rappers dulu, mesti rasa nak nyuruk bwh tudung saji kan? hehe

    drama mama,
    me too. rarely psg lagu in my collection, sbb kat radio tu the mixture is better kot.hehe


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