Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Who's the good cook?

When I was a lil girl, I had a passion in cooking. Those days…there was no AFC, hence aside from Wok with Yan and some other seasonal cooking programmes (e.g. for Raya), thus every Sunday noon, I’d glue my butt in front of the TV for the cooking programme-Kuali, hosted by Laila Johari.

Usually, I’d keep my hands ready with paper and pen to jot down the ingredients and how-to’s of preparing the dishes. Most of the time, I focus on desserts as I love ‘em very much.

The recipes were copied into an exercise book that I turned into a ‘cook book’ together with the pix that I drew of how the dishes should look like.

Unfortunately, not only that I didn’t get moral support from Mak. Yes, I realize that there’s no way that I could turn any of the recipes into edible food. But, she even condemned and demotivated me, saying that I wouldn’t be able to be a good cook, as I don’t even have the experience to do so.

Well, it was saddening… considering the fact that she’s the one who never trusted any of her daughters to help in the kitchen. To the most, we’d only be given simple tasks like peeling the onions, or stirring the mixed ingredients in the pot. That’s all. So, who’s to be blamed if Along, Yone, Ina, myself –none of us doesn’t know how to cook at all?

Anyway, Allah granted us the basic skills to cook at least. Alhamdulillah…so far, neither Along’s family and nor mine have been admitted to the hospital after consuming anything we cook. And there are more times when I receive compliments from MrHubby on my cooking, rather than critics. I might not be able to cook nasi beriani, laksa, mee bandung, etc. (bcoz I haven't tried) but I can now cook Western, Italian, simple dishes and desserts.

So, who cares if my childhood dreams were once laughed at?


  1. i guess semua mak mcm tu..reason being,x confident dgn anak sendiri/ takut berkecah dapur! i see this with my sisters...they only allow their daughters to cook after SPM - consider good enough lah fail SPM dah ada lesen cook utk kahwin :p

    i hope we be able to be sporting moms...me, myself dulu yg pemalas nak join sbb konon2 dulu tu tomboi plus,tak suka org tegur2 bila masak! :p time bujang je baru menerai sendiri...

    oklaa...leh hidup jgk lps kahwin,x pernah pun hubby, in-laws and Aliah sakit perut! :D janji x kelaparan kan?? bukan nak kena jadi tahap chef pun.........

  2. i dulu minat giler masak tapi jarang masak sbb my dad tak makan masakan org lain kecuali my mom.. so lepas kawin ada dapur sdiri i masak sepuasnya hihi..

  3. dari dulu, sampai sekarang, mak sendiri tak pernah puji.. tapi, siap puji adik yang lain pulak.. bila bab nak suruh masak, kita jugak yang kena...

    tak kisah lah.. kadang2, pujian tu tak semestinya datang dari kata2... tengok orang makan siap bertambah, siap jilat2 jari dan pinggan tu, dah dikira pujian kan.. hehehehe

  4. salzahari,
    hahaha.zaman skrg bukan kita nak dok ceruk dapur, tapi of course la kita x smpi tahap masak kek jadi laksa, masak karipap jadi sayur lodeh.

    lady of leisure,
    haha. i x kisah kalo my mom x jamah mknn yg i masak. yg penting mrhubby mkn smpi menjilat siku!

    taste org pun lain2 kan? maybe dia sengaja x puji. atau sbb xkena dgn citarasa dia...
    xpe, sya..yg penting, ada org lain kata sedap, kira sedap la tu.

  5. u know what Is.. Iam d opposite.. my mom keep trying to catch me to do d kitchen with her.. but i have a bunch of excuses for not to be there with her.. liat apa jadinya aku sekarang.. berkutat di dapur juga akhirnya... haeeesssh... how i hate peeling that onion..

  6. mamapasha,
    duhh..kasian bgt.
    tapi gpp, terbukti kamu jago baking skrg!

  7. my mom sebijik like ur mom, x kasi masak, tp suruh kupas bawang, siang ayam, potong sayur, pastu cuci periuk / bekas2 yg dah guna. mana aci!!!!

  8. oyis,
    kalo x bagi tu sbb kesian anak nak study boleh excuse lg la. tapi kalo xde sebab like our moms...i cant take it.
    anw, alhamdulillah we can still cook well.


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