Monday, March 26, 2007

Breaking the news

Last weekend, Sham & I went back to Penang. Abah seemed happy to go to the night market & the Bundle with us. He offered me some tapai, but I had to refuse (well, u know why).
That night, we went to Juru, together with Ina & Acik's family... and we broke the news...
that Abah is going to have another grandchild.

Abah said..he has suspected it before, when I did not kill the snake and when I refuse to eat the tapai I usually like. Haha.
Ina, as usual...keep laughing at me. That's my sister! She just couldn't imagine me being a wife, what more to be a mother. (Tunggu la turn hang nanti, siap aku gelak guling-guling!)

During this holiday, I also bought myself a new pair of expensive loafers, just to ensure this pregnant mom does not have any backpain for wearing stilettos.

Other than that, we visited Midi & Bibi at Kulim...and had our fav char koay teow.

Sunday, we drove Abah to Lorong Kulit. To my surprise, Abah held my hand while crossing the road!!! To most people, it might be nothing, but to me it DOES MATTER!
Why? Because Abah has never showed his love and care that way.
and that really makes me touched!
Unfortunately, not long after that, my MIL called...and we had to rush back to Endau, as Tok Lai passed away.
Yes, we had to RUSH, bcoz we didn't tell her that we were in Penang. hehehe.

Oh..but syhhhh...I am not planning to tell Mak about me being pregnant!

Monday, March 5, 2007

Cameron Highlands is 3rd

It has been a tradition for AS229 students to visit Cameron Highlands. It is nothing new to the accompanying lecturers, especially to Rusdin. Kesian kat hang, Rusdin...jemu tengok Cameron!

Anyway, this is considered as my 3rd honeymoon. Hahaha. Regardless of the 2-3 months of pregnancy.

We took the students to Gunung Berembun, the peak of Brinchang, Bharatt tea plantation, strawberry farm, the shooting location for PGL, Mosses forest, etc.

I bought a lot of teas, flowers and fresh vegetables. Rusdin-walaupun tiap-tiap sem datang, penuh tangan jugak! Hahaha

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