Friday, August 21, 2009

Meet the Parents

When Prince William met Kate Middleton's was unexpectedly unpleasant bcoz of her uncle. Pity eh?
Wow! Look at her lovely trench coat! Isn't it gorgeous?

Do u still remember- What was it like when u first met 'the parents'? I mean the in-laws-to-be by then.

Generally, all of us, men or women, would play the perfect gentleman (or gentlewoman?) to the partner's parents. There are parents who buck the trend and have a relaxed attitude, as they have a different perspective to give room for the grown-up children to make their own decisions. But most parents have become demanding esp. if the candidate is of a different culture.

As for myself, I remember that time...we were in a long-distance relationship. Hence, it was kinda a breaking news.

Well, MrX's family gathered at the hospital to visit his sick dad. Out of the blue, MrX who never talked about any girl he's befriending with... told his mom that he's dating a girl, and showed a pix of them together.

So, the rest of the family members flocked by the bedridden dad to have a look at the who's-that-lucky-girl.

The mom : What white teeth she has!
The sister : What's her name?
Another sis: Hey, Irsyad...come look at your maksu-to-be. Lawa x?
Irsyad : Elehh... my girlfriend is even prettier!
Another sis : A Penangite? Is she an anak mami?

And MrX was showered with questions-of how old is she, where does she work, how did u meet her, yada yada. Typical questions.

Fast fwd to the first meeting between the in-laws and the girl...

The traffic was pretty bad, so MrX called the parents to inform that they'll be fashionable late.

MrX : Mak, we'll be a bit late. It's raining here, the traffic is slow.
Mom: That's alrite. Everybody is here. U drive carefully.
MrX : Sure. BTW, what do u cook tonight?
Mom: Your favourites la... Sambal udang. There's also siput sedut...

(laughter broke the silence)

Mom: Why are u laughing?
MrX : Nothing. *giggles*

Know why?
Bcoz the girl has an evil plan of serving her future daughter-in-law with siput sedut, but now she is being served with the dish. Hahaha. That means, no kontrol ayu la. Hahaha

Well, that's about MY experience during our first meeting with his parents & SIL.
(Hence, MrX is actually MrHubby).

Nonetheless, I had hard times finding the right dress to wear.

Pakai baju kurung, macam konon baik sangat...
If I were to act cool and wear pants, perhaps it's not suitable. Selamba kodok sangat.
Eventually, I decided to wear a long-sleeved T-shirt and a long skirt. Decent la sikit kan?

After the dinner, we countdown for the new year which marked the anniversary of our first date :P

Anyway, the first meeting was okay. The family members were not skeptical, instead they really welcomed me with warmth.

It is undeniable that when we become parents, the priority in life is the children's happiness. Like most parents, I want what's best for them but not by my yardstick. I'll let them make their own decisions, and learn from their own mistakes. Hey, I wanna be a cool MIL when it's my turn. Don't u?

Although I am a Penangite, I am no anak mami. I am 50% Malay, 50% Chinese.


  1. kalo udah jodoh, tidak ke mana... hehe...

    u will be a cool MIL la, i rasa. hehe..

    btw, mkn x siput sedut tu? ngeh ngeh

  2. yupyup hmmm I think I was in jeans & t-shirt wasn't a formal meet the inlaws, but I was nervous giler...., I'm 50% Indian, 50% Chinese :)

    BTW which part of Pg ur family is in?

  3. oyis,
    uishhh...mesti la mkn. siap sedut bunyi2 lagi. hahaha.
    me a cool MIL?hehe.musti tuuu...

    reitak, u r a chindian? patut le lawa.
    i'm from Bworth, but we have resided BM for soooo long.

  4. ahahaha...sian..nasib MIL i tak jamu siput sedut,kalau jamu msti kucik ht sbb i x pandai makan! x pandai sedut..issk..isskk...

    anyway, my first meeting with PIL is at hubby's cousin wedding. gila, muka cengei tau!! ketaq weeh nak buat keje..mmg control x ingat! hahhaa...

    well...mmg nak jadi cool MIL but have to be picky jgk sbb the DIL/ SoIL would be the parents for our grandchildrens! betul tak ?

    * kalau leh, biarlah dpt yg patuh agama, tahu BF :P dan sekufu

  5. siput sedut?
    hahaha, memang tak pernah makan..

    kitorang pulak, mak mertua yang request tak nak makan ikan sungai masa kali pertama nak berkunjung ke rumah.. :P

  6. salzahari,
    muka ja cengei..tapi sbnrnya hati baekkk...
    tapi mmg kena pilih gak DIL/SoIL tu.cuma xleh nmpk obvious sgt kalo ada objection.hehe

    is pun sejak belajar kat shah alam yg pandai try mcm2. ikan sungai la, siput sedut la, apa la.
    tapi kalo blk citer kat mak, mesti dia bising...camna le korg leh mkn?
    (sbb dia x mkn sume tu).
    lagi best bila kitorg 3-4 beradik citer kesedapan benda tu, menanah tinge dia. haha

  7. huda dl maser bercinta ngn hubby slalu pegi jogging.. then one day dier ajak pg umh... dier ckp mak dier ajak breakfast saer..aduss..

    dh la after jogging.. bdn bpeluh busuk... pg gak la sbb bakal mak mertua ajak.. huhu

  8. kambingbujang,
    astaga...busuk2 tu kena jumpa calon.
    mujur x kena reject. hihihi


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