Thursday, August 20, 2009

Contest Jom Main Air Bersama

Contest mode. This one is organized by KakYong... strictly for her followers until 23rd Aug 2009.

I was thinking to submit this photo, of Lil Cikebum spattering and splashing the water while he was having a bath (he was 9 months by then).

But then, I realized that the photo should include the Mama too. So, here it is...

Mama: Isabelle
The munchkin: Cikebum
Age: 23 months

Pix taken last March, when my brother came down from Penang to Shah Alam. We were planning to take the kids to the Wetworld, but as everybody was so laid back and not in the mood to rush, we went to Seri Mahligai's pool. Hahaha.

So, there...u could see my sister and I trying to teach Cikebum to swim. He is a bit hydrophobic in open water I'd say, but we managed to make it fun.

Tips to encourage the little one to play with water.
  1. Let him play with water as he wishes, in the rain, in the shower or even while watering the plants/washing the car. Those days, mak-mak kita mana bagi buat benda ni semua.
  2. Bring him for a picnic at water theme park or pools or streams to enjoy.
  3. Equip him with colourful floatie, or the ones with their fav character.
  4. Let them scoop and pour the water, or use water guns to shoot at each other.
  5. Make sandcastles, canal or any funny shapes together from the sand.
I realize after I implemented all those, I never had to persuade Cikebum to the bathroom anymore. Instead, he'd pull of his pants upon seeing me or MrHubby entering the bathroom sengihnampakgigi

Safety tips for the little one while playing with water.
  1. Don't ever leave the kids unattended while playing with water.
  2. Floatie might help the kids (at least) to overcome their fear of water.
  3. In the bathroom, make sure the floor is not slippery.
  4. Lock the bathroom so they couldn't enter it and venture into dangerous fun while we are not observing.
  5. At the streams/waterfall, it is a no-no to try swimming in a deep spot.

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  1. "Instead, he'd pull of his pants upon seeing me OR MrHubby entering the bathroom" - cikebum x kaco daun

    "Instead, he'd pull of his pants upon seeing me AND MrHubby entering the bathroom" - jom serang cikebum!!!hahaha..

    wahai kira boleh shortlist ni..byk tips!;p

  2. sbnrnya yg AND tu yg kira kacau daun tu.


  3. wah.. free style jer tu.. xde pelampung.. bagus lah cikebum adam.. ;)

    ok, nanti kakyong Upkan foto..
    x sempat ni.. nak masuk dapur dah ni..

    then tunggu penilaian juri yer...

  4. thanks kakyong.

    hahaha. adam tgh cuak tu, tapi campur excited.

  5. yan,
    standard la enterframe tu. kalo org lain x buat, kita yg buat.kihkihkih

  6. wah...
    hot mama... :D

    baru sekali bawak darwisy ke swimming pool.. lain2 bawak mandi air laut je.. huhu teringin jugak nak ke wet world.. tah bila laa..

  7. sy dtg utk menilai – salah sorg juri contest . nnt sy dtg lg ye. good luck anyway! :)


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