Thursday, August 27, 2009

Last 2 years...

Hehehe. Muka rajin buat keje (actually I was filling in a form for a conference).

And these are my gedix pix with my dear colleague, DrArnis...

and my dear boss, DrWan.just bcoz I wear a new baju batik to work today :P

I wonder whether the govt is going to introduce some kind of elaun baju batik or such, as they make it compulsory for us to wear it every Thurs. Dah le batik mahal! Kang aku pakai kain batik yang dibuat baju kang...

Anyway, today is the 6th of Ramadhan. My puasa? Kantoi-ed already... due to irregular mense cycle. But that's alrite. Qada je la nanti.

Last year, I managed to complete one whole month of fasting, bcoz I wasn't visited by that carmine friend of mine (I didnt have it for 21 months due to breastfeeding). It felt good, y'know.

But last two years, I couldn't fast for 25days. Puas le ganti puasa! I managed to finish qada-ing the remaining 7 days right before Syaaban ended this year.

The first day, I broke the fast at 2pm or so, bcoz I couldn't take it anymore. Sakit!

Then, the 6th day, while we were having sahur, the waterbag broke... I have already expected it, bcoz I also had blood stain a day earlier.

So, time to work hard in the labour room!

By noon, I was the proud Mama to the 3.75kg Adam Zuhair...

Today, just look at him...
He's getting skinnier, naughtier, comoter...etc. Hehehe

Oh... pipi masih maintain Chubby Cikebum.

But still I love u, munchkin!


  1. Happy 2 Years Adam! bile nak buat besday nih...hehhee

  2. adam walai comot but maintain cute..
    love the pic masa still ada tali pusat tu.. wish i could have my own baby as soon as possible..

    your pic of gearbox soup in the prev entry looks so yummylicious.. slalu kalau nak makan sup yg best, i ll go for raja sup in TTDI..

    btw, salam perkenalan and salam ramadhan to you and yours..


  3. cepat jerk dah besar kan. bile nak tambah lagi satu neh..:P

  4. wow... bum bum betul cikebum masa newborn tu...!

    btw, still wondering u lecturing kat mana eh isabelle? (but if u x nak ckp pon it's ok, i respect ur privacy.)

  5. adam lahir besar jugak ye,maknya kecik kurus je.
    btw, agree with you bila dah besar..memang getting naughtier and comoter..hahaha, but still adorable la kan :)

  6. salzahari,
    his bday (18sept) lagi 2,3 ari nak raya. so maybe buat sekali dgn open hse, insyaAllah.nnt dtg ye.

    lady of leisure,
    salam perkenalan & salam ramadhan 2u2.
    insyaAllah, ada la rezeki tu the meantime, u enjoy la dulu.hehe.
    oh..raja sup best ekkk?kena cari la nnt.

    tu la. mmg dah sama gatal mcm yaya dah nak tmbh lg. tp belum ada rezeki. cepat la nak oii...jgn ms mama PhD nnt baru ko nak jadi.huhu.

    oh yes, he was very bum bum.hence the nick cikebum. am lecturing in uitm.

    yes.comot2 pun masa dia cheeky tu that melts our heart kan?

  7. alalaa comellnye adam..tembam ek die mase baby..

  8. sama la kita.. jenuh menganti posa.. si oja lg la 1st ramadhan.. maks kena ganti sebulan..huhuh sib baik dah settle taun lps...;p

    ikut bulan islam dah 2 thn la ye adam... eppi behday adam...

  9. reitak,
    like mother like son ahhh...hihi (nak jugak!!!)

    maunye x tembam. 3.75kg! 'berasa' betul bila pegang dia.

    xpe la. sok2 ada kenangan nak citer kat diorg. so, the next one kena plan jgn bsalin bulan posa dah la. hehe


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