Thursday, August 13, 2009



Yes, I am.

Reasons? I asked the students what is a safety lifeline, but they leave me no right asnwers. None of them, out of the 50 students.

It is even worse bcoz...

  1. I have taught 'em about PPE, so they should know.

  2. I always share funny clips and jokes with them in the class to make it interesting, and enhance their understanading.

Am I not a good mediator?

p/s: I'm going for a field trip with students from tomorrow till Sunday, bringing Cikebum along... bcoz MrHubby is not around. Pls pray that he'll be fine....


  1. mau kemana?? amma yg sabar ama adam ya.. jgn galak2 looo.. kasian adam masih kecil..

  2. lor....kena gi induction niosh agaknya....baru paham....

  3. induction lagi ke? dah ajaq siap bagi vc pun xpaham...memang sah student2 tu bengap...byk makan kepala ikan. huhuhu...
    hang denda ja depa pakai PPE selama seminggu...sure lepas tu depa ingat.

  4. isabelle u ajar subject aper.. kt mner?? i dl pn study safety gak

  5. mamapasha,
    aku ke ulu lawin, lenggong, perak.
    luckily adam behaved... he was sooo attached to me, x mau org lain dukung.

    pi induction pun kalo nganga, x guna gak.

    huh! depa mkn kicap kipas udang la tu... ya, next lecture, i'll tell them to wear PPE for 1 week. hoho

    kambing bujang,
    that's for OSH safety.
    other than that, i am also in charge for hydrology & water resources ...and environmental biotechnology.
    u study safety katne dulu?

  6. UPM. occupational safety & environmental health.

  7. rotan je... klu depa x dengaq kata..hihihi

    ~wah..adam training skali ker?? jgn nakal2 tau...


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