Saturday, August 1, 2009

Which hair is sexier?

I have long straight hair that doesn't need rebonding. The Chinese genes inherited from Mak apparently is stronger than Abah's supposedly-dominant curly hair.

During my alma mater days, whenever I express my intention to have a cut, friends would go against it. "Sayang la... xyah la potong."

I ended up keeping it until waist length for years. Ziana Zain punya hal la ni.

I cut it real short before I flew to Aussie. The bob cut made me look ...err... (trying not to use the word cute)...err... Ahhh..I remember two guys told me I looked sassy and sexy (sila muntah darah sekarang!)

(gambar lama... so, kena bagi B&W, baru real sikit)

Anyway, that hair also made MrHubby fall for me (if he still remembers the moment he saw me without tudung and I ran away, hiding in the ladies. Hahaha)

Then, my hair grew again...

And when I came back for summer hols, the shoulder-length hair was cut short again. Elderlies say, jangan potong rambut hari Selasa and...boy, I totally forgot...and the result was terrible.

It made me really understand the meaning of 'bad hair day'.

Therefore, I decided to keep it long again. Plus, I wanna have sexy wavy curls after more than 2 decades having straight hair.

After so much dilly dally, I only got the time to do it when I was eight-month pregnant of Cikebum. Unfortunately, the hairdresser told me it is not advisable for pregnant moms to colour/perm their hair bcoz it could affect the foetus.

There goes my dream... :(
But not to disappoint me, she curled my hair like this. Hehehe.

Please excuse my round face. Mind u, I was EIGHT month pregnant by then.

So, I was so happy...although I only had it for not more than 24 hours (that it returned to its original). Hahaha.

Later, despite having the same dream of that sorta waves, I became a bit reluctant to do it again considering that I still bf my Cikebum (though the hairdressers told me the chemicals might only affect preggies, not bf mommies). Better safe than sorry.

Fast fwd to 2years later... now, I think it's about time...
Hmmm.... would I look like this?

oh me. This is me!

Or should I just keep my naturally straight long flowing hair?


  1. ooo udah ke salon di bandung nih ceritanya.. sms ku sampe ga dibales posting blog bisa.. dasar mama nya ada.. btw photo yg pertama cantik.. :)

  2. yup, i agree with mamapasha. foto yg pertama tu cantik, au nature gitu. but i also like the one in red jg. very 'wind-in-ur-hair' moment kan? kelassss... *thumbs up*

    i also have dead-straight hair, so i totally understand perasaan nak curly2 sket tu. dkt mall sini ada wat demo n promo satu kit tu, tp x berani nak cuba takut x jd heheh... but if u want my opinion, i'd say, go for it, girl! ;)

  3. I've been dreaming to have the curly hair too. Yg x bestnyer, my hair jenis lambat panjang! So, whenever I managed to have the long hair, there will always something yg x allow me doing the curly thingy.. Hmm..

    If u have the chance, just go for it. :D

  4. mamapasha,
    soalnya hp ku x roaming.jadi aku x terima any sms.entries ini juga udah auto-publish kok. hehehe.

    eheh eheh (gelak gatal).
    au naturale gitu. muka tgh bahagia le tu. tapi sedih gak, bcoz that was the day b4 i left him to aussie. and yes, that wind in my hair...for us with dead straight hair, having windblows is a lot of help to make volumes.
    eh, promo kit? boleh jadi ke?

    dulu masa org sibuk2 rebonding bagai, kita relax je xyah buat apa2. skrg dah trend curls, kelam kabut la.
    but well, u make curls, kena pjg skit la. kang dia curls ke atas, terus jadi mcm ah-so...hahaha

  5. Aik, picture 2nd last tu pehal xpernah tengok pun. Curl tu tahan brapa ari?(tanyaku dgn muka pelik)

  6. pix tu was taken by hp.

    ada la tahan sat ja. mlm tu leper la balik. huhu.


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