Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Adam shifting into gear... box!

This morning, the gray clouds moved away from my path. The friend whom I talked about in my entry yesterday... suddenly appeared in my office. Suffice to say, we hugged and forgave each other.

And *plinggg!!!*

I could smile again. I even got comments from people saying that I am glowing today!

Anyway, whilst I'm still in the mood to blog... let me share with u what we had for iftar yesterday.

When MrHubby called to ask what to buy for me at PaRam, I just said that I wished for something soupy... having in mind it's gonna be the typical tasteless-in-Ramadhan kuay teow soup or such.

But when he came back, my oh my... it's no ordinary soup! It's the one associated with the car anatomy! Hehehe. I mean, a gearbox soup!

It was a real huge chunk of bone joint in a richly flavoured soup and some garnishing. This time, it was only the two of us to finish up the delicacy. But lo and behold... there's also another mouth enjoying it too.

What's this, Mama?
It's chewy, ay?
Nyum2... alamak..terkeluar balik pulak!
Sumbat balik!

Those days (when I was pregnant of Cikebum), we would have this bone marrow soup once in a while with Jalak & Dian. Never did we went without them bcoz the portion is too big for two. Hence a quartet is just perfect. And after that we will all slither like a python that has just swallowed a calf. Hahaha. Buruk perangai kan?

Now it's impossible to do it... with the little ones, whether or not ur stomach is full... we still have to remain awake to entertain them.


  1. bahagia betul muka cikebum mkn sup gear box tu... hehe

  2. seleranya dia makan..suka tengok..cute cute. isabelle, adam cerewet tak bab2 makan ni?

  3. oyis,
    haha. dia sibuk nak ambil yg dlm mangkuk mama & ayah. kalo dpt sudu, dia kaup kuah sup tu dr mangkuk ke mangkuk lain.

    yes, kdg2 dia fussy gak.kdg2 nak chocolate, nak cheese... kdg2 xnak lgsg.
    kdg suka ribena, skrg xnak.
    dulu kalo mkn ayam&udang, dia isap manisnye je..pastu dia buang. skrg, dia mkn smpi x tinggal kesan.hehe

  4. nyum nyum...
    and you said you needed a quartet to finish it ei?
    OHNO!! now I feel like we're like hubby & I will always be able to clean up 1 whole gearbox...:P

  5. reitak,
    tu le pasal. skrg ni mkn berdua pun leh abis. pastu masing2 merungut dah ada spare tyre la, apa la. hahaha..oinkoinks...:P

  6. sedapnya sup gearbox tue. oh sungguh terliur n lapa..


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