Wednesday, August 19, 2009

MrHubby in his 3 series

It was MrHubby's birthday yesterday. All plans were almost unsuccessful yesterday when he realized he had to attend a course yesterday.

But we sneaked out for a movie during the day (Harry Potter & the Half Blood Prince). Being the not-a-big-fan-of-sequels, I kept buggin' MrHubby with questions while watching. Who is this guy? Why is he like that? Doesn't Harry know...bla bla..bla...

(Annoying kan? That alrite, he had to bear with me) :P

We also bought Cikebum's birthday gift in advance (well, 30days to go), but it was hidden somewhere at home. He'll only get it on the 18th Sept.

That nite, I was thinking to cook something special, but MrHubby insisted to have anything takeaway. Haiyohhh...

So, we went out for dinner at a restaurant, instead of the one near Acapella bcoz it was raining cats and dogs for an outdoor dinner.

Us, before going out for the dinner. Mind u- it was raining, hence no fancy dresses.

The card I gave him...

Well, I rarely go for sentimental cards.
I love teasing with funny ones like this. Sometimes, yang kinky and pervert pun ada. Hahaha.

So, MrHubby, Happy birthday....Well, as Benjamin Franklin said "At twenty years of age, the will reigns; at thirty, the wit; and at forty, the judgement."

Li'l Cikebum menyibuk to check his 1st signature (and a heart-shaped fingerprint) he made in the card.

MrHubby with his konon-surprised expression receiving the Dunhill London perfume.

The food we had. Unfortunately, the black pepper venison had to be replaced by the fresh alive fish.

Last but not least, Lil Cikebum enjoying the fish head.

Dah le tu, sayang oiii... Tak elok makan kepala ikan!!!

Anyway, again... to MrHubby, may you live all the days of your life!
Worried about the change of the first digit in the age?
Hmmm... apparently, youth is a circumstance you can't do anything about. The trick is to grow up without getting old.


  1. Simple but Nice celebration..semoga bahagia hingga akhir hayat

  2. eppi behday mr.Hubby...

    hope u all berkekalan ke akhirnya!!

    ~tomei adam blasah kepala ikan..hehehe

  3. alamak achik laks.. salah tulis.. achik tu utk geng2 rapat jer..(secara xsengaja aku iktiraf kamu member rapat kot?)...hehhe

  4. met ultah uncle sham... wah dapet parfume yah... kartunya lucu... enaknyaaa adam makan kepala ikan.. sungguh2 gitu... lastly, best nyeerr boleh tengok wayang berdua.. :)

  5. sitisifir,
    thanks. aminnnn...

    kira rapat la no? hehe.
    tq for d wish. adam baham bersungguh2 tu.

    hehe. dah lama x tgk wyg. best lak rasa mcm zaman bercinta dulu.
    btw, kartu kamu lebih lucu. aku suka bgt... tapi x ada utk suami.

  6. raya balik mana weh?? balik penang ke? bole la mai beraya umah aku...

    ~adam tu hati2 kang tercekik lak tulang.. bahaya2..


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