Friday, August 28, 2009

Key chains (tagged by P-na)

When I was in Form1, I used to carry a keychain of a comb of bananas wherever I went. It was the key to my locker.

During those alma-mater years too, I collect a lot of key chains. But I decided to stop when I felt it's a never-ending hobby. I'd never be able to collect all the keychains in the world, hence there'll be no satisfaction. (Boleh pulak gitu?)

Anyway, here's a tag by P-na.
  1. Snap a pix of your keychain (of your car keys, house keys, alicia keys la!)
  2. Tell us about the keychains attached to the keys.
  3. Tell us is there is any special memory related to the key chains.

Okay, here we go...

Key chain #1.

U see, I carry a lot of keys at once. This one is keys for the office, drawer, my boss' room... 8 altogether! That doesn't include the car keys (if I send MrHubby to the office and drive the car to mine). No wonder my handbag weighs like a canonball!

Mmm... I have two keychains there. One is the big pinky monster that looks like a dog.

Nothing special. I just wanna have something cute as my keychain. But...err...cute ke? Isn't it oversized? Hehe.

The second one is the silvery steel Aussie keychain.
Although I used to study there, this one is not the one I bought by myself. It was given by a friend, Rose... whose husband worked in Aussie by then. I got it a few months before I flew there. It's like a charm that says..."I'll be there one day!"

Key chain #2.

This one is for the home, 5 keys altogether with a Honda Racing keychain. It's from the previous owner of the house.

When I asked MrHubby-reasons for letting me use the keychain, he said "It's a kinda motivation. May be one day u'll drive a Honda."

So, I just keep it.

Now, who's next?
I'm gonna taaaaggggggg...

1. is@r
2. iefa
3. kakyong
4. ziha
5. linda miamanis


  1. huhuhu...
    i kena tag...harus la kena jwb tag kan? kalau idak maunya kena pelakong dgn minah yg mengetag ni sebab dia dah on the way balik.

  2. pasti nyer ler kene hamek gambau dulu..huhuhu pastinyer ler esok bru ku jwb ...hihihih

  3. tag key-chain ?!!
    ade ke key-chain nih...
    xper.. nanti kena check dulu nih...

    kakyong amik link dulu yer.. ;)

  4. is@r,
    yaaa...jgn lupa buat tag itu. kurasa mcm tau ja key chain apa. hehehe

    hmmm...dah post lum ye? nak terjah la japgi.

    x sbr nak tgk keychain kakyong!


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