Friday, July 31, 2009

Breastfeeding in the public

Remember those younger days?
Have u ever came across the scenario when u see mommies breastfeeding their li'l ones in the public? What was ur response?

I didn't find it offensive nor that I was dumbstruck. It was just a mommy-baby business taking place.

I have been asked by friends, sisters, etc on this matter..."Do u feel shy while bf Cikebum in the public?"

And my firm answer is..."No."

I know most people are not happy with it, and they are even uneasy at such sight. But have they ever given a thought on whether or not the baby deserves to get his/her nutritious diet?

As for myself, I have experience bf my Cikebum in almost all places- u name it.


On the bench of shopping complexes?

On the curbside?

Near the futsal/badminton court?

In the car?

In the lecture room (while listening to students' presentation)?

Mama, bonbon please...
I know, it's in here.
Seluk, nak..jangan tak seluk!!!

I know... Those konon-konon baik ones would condemn... but to them, looking at sexy celebrity posters revealing their boobs and seeing naked figures lazing on the beach are not sinful.

And those typical, judgmental people would condemn - why not the moms & babies stay at home?
Hello!!! We are human beings, and we are not close-minded like u!!!

That's not all...
Perhaps another solution is suggested... so that the BM is expressed into a bottle.
Easy, mate... perhaps u are not educated enough of the possible contamination of BM that will result in various diseases esp. to these fragile munchkins.
Or perhaps u do not have the sense that 'fresh from farm' always tastes better. Why don't u eat yesterday's nasi lemak or roti canai today?

I thought all conservative moms prefer BM compared to formulas. However, my MIL for instance, to my amazement... is the other way round. From the confinement days that she looked after me, she kept reminding not to 'trouble' myself to bf Cikebum. Perhaps to her, bf will occupy most of my time whereas it could have been used to do other chores. Hence, she always makes noise when she knew that I didn't give formula to him.

MrHubby and I once purposely bought a tin of formula before going back to his hometown just to show that we give Cikebum formulas too. But, kantoi... when Cikebum refused to drink it. Instead, he tagged along and kept crying for his bonbons.

So, that's it. I don't care anymore. Being the usual Isabelle that I am, I just play deaf.

To be frank, the hard times in BF I ever experienced were those when... (not to be revealed to MIL)

  1. I am away attending courses (that I'll have to bring Cikebum along, or if impossible I'd have to tumpang other people's freezer to store the EBM).
  2. I have something else to do (say, helping out others in the kitchen. This specially applies when we are back in kampung for raya, etc.) Anyway, that's a good excuse for me (hehehe) or at least I take the opportunity to rest.

I once asked MrHubby on his opinion on this and he told me that it is sinful for others to stare at this mom-baby 'bonding session' with a sexual desire. So, he doesn't mind.. and in fact I get full support from him.

Thanks, buamiku yang tuncit! ;)


  1. After nearly 4 months BF my baby, merasa jugak bf in public..McD, Johnny's..tapi kalo BB room is nearby..I will go there.

    My MIL perception towards EBM also bad. For her its better give FM while I'm at work and only BF during the night. She also refused to accept the fact frozen EBM can last untill 2-3months..

  2. my mother n MIL support BF tp diorg tak kerja so bile tgk i bekerja dan nak continue BF after confinement my mother mcm takleh nak percaya la i can fully BF afif..yela maybe mase diorg takde pam canggih2 cam skang ni..sbb tu diorg tak confident..

    tp i skang dah tak pakai poncho dah untuk BF sbb afif struggling nak kluar dr poncho tu..just carik tmpt strategik skit dan jalankan operasi dgn selesa hahaha

  3. em..saya pun sama..klu masa anak dara dulu nak tayang breast depn org uii..tu giler klu nak menyusu anak..feel ok je..buat apa allah sediakan susu untk anak yg fresh..tu mknanyer nak menyenangkn kita.saya prnh india mrh sy sbb bf ank sy kat tgh ramai org..dia surh sy cri tmpt buat tak tau jer..bgga oo dpt susukn ankk

  4. Akak pun tak kisah menyusu dimana2 dan tak guna pun alas malas melainkan tudung akak ni je. Akak pilih jalan selamat dengan pakai baju butang tengah so that bila anak nak BF, just buka bbrp butang atas n masukkan anak bawah tudung...tu jek...

  5. setujuuuuhhh!!! hidup BF... pduli apa kata orang2 itu.. saluuut bu mommy!

  6. mamaqaseh,
    pelik kan? ingat org2 tua ni x percaya dgn FM. nape ekkk?

    adam pun lately asyik show off kalo tgh bf in public. siap selak tinggi2 lagi. hampess...

    dia jeles kot tgk yours are not as dark as hers. HAHAHAHA.
    gelak guling2.

    betul kan? x larat nak poncho2 bagai mcm farah. buat je, janji baby dpt 'candu' dia tu.
    saya yg selalu tudung melilit sakan ni, kdg2 jenuh gak, tapi...still ok.

    diorg jeles kan? sbb diorg xleh bf in public. haha.
    or perhaps theirs are not as nice as ours:P


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