Friday, July 10, 2009

Thomas (not Crowne) Affair

It is known that my Li'l Cikebum is so fond of trains. To him, all trains are Thomas (the Tank Engine).

That day, we went grocery shopping at a hypermarket and we saw this Powered Locomotive at an unreasonably low price (but who cares?). Rubbing my eyes in disbelief, I scanned the price tag again and again and later decided to buy some for him.

Justify Full
Then, he saw one toddler suit with the pix of trains which looked very much like Thomas (but definitely not Thomas). Thinking that we were gonna buy for him the original one later, we decided to just let him hold it for a while and put it outside of the list while at the counter.

But... he stared at the suit as if hoping that we paid for it. So, eventually we bought it-just to see his glowing face and his little lips saying "Thomas...Thomas..." again and again.

And this train (with big eyes) was actually re-crafted by me, few months back. I bought it and added a face for him, drew the nose/smile and stick on two googly eyes.

Although it's not the real/original Thomas, I was glad to see him appreciating what I did.

MrHubby said "If I were u, I wouldn't be that creative and do the cumbersome thing just to make it look like Thomas. U see, Adam. Mama did this for u."

U know, munchkin... Mama would do anything to make u happy, bcoz Ai-la-pi...

Myself? I don't really fancy trains. To date (thruout my whole life), I only have 3-4 trips by train
The first one when I was about 10. Then, when I was in my teen age and perhaps in early 20s.
That once-in-a-blue-moon interval is due to the boredom of boarding the train for hours.

Well, u know the Senandung Malam train (KL-B'worth) boards at 8pm those days. That means I would have nothing to do, until I reach the destination the next morning.
Suffice to say, I'd only buy the tickets if I have forgotten how it sucks.

Anyway, there's one sweet memory when I gotto know this Mr Nice-Guy in one of those trips. He's a real gentleman, but apparently MrHubby is waaaayyyy nicer :P


  1. hahaha.. dapat trains jg akhirnya adam.. nanti pergi rumah aunty boleh main kat rail-nya yaa.. mmwaaahhh

  2. ai last naik train mase skolah asrama dulu sbb tiket bas balik raya dr terengganu dah terpaksa ke kelantan naik train sampai ke kl..mmg lama gile! tp sonok jugak sbb jarang dpt peluang naik train ni..

  3. iya, aunty...
    terus abg pasha makan hati liat adiknya conquer rail itu :P

  4. anak i pun suke thomas. tak kelip tengok citer tu..

    p/s seumur hidup i tak pernah naik train. lagi kesian..huhu

  5. Dulu anakku gila Thomas sekarang dah tukar Ben 10...transformer..
    dengan mak bapak nya terpaksa join

    pernah naik train sekali jea kat Msia nie, cukuplah penat dan tak larat

  6. kesian azza...
    tapi komuter tu kira train la. (ayat menyedapkan ati)


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