Monday, July 20, 2009

Smelly pillow a.k.a Bantal Busuk

Once upon a time, there was a cute li’l chick named Tuty living with her Momma Hen (Uish..Mak Ayam?!). Just like other small kids, Tuty is very adventurous and has a high inquisitive spirit and she liked to experience a lot of things.

One day, while scratching the soil looking for worms with her Momma Hen, she made her way to a nearby bush. She was so excited to explore new things that she forgot her Momma’s advice to stay away from the bush, as that’s where the Cunning Fox always hides.

Suddenly, the Cunning Fox appeared and tried to catch Tuty. He chased and chased… and Tuty ran and ran as fast as she could, until she arrived.

Kedengaran Soundtrack Lagu Darjah 3 : Ibu Ayam Dikejar Musang

Ibu ayam dikejar musang

Anak ayam cari ibunya

Ibu ayam berlari terus lari dan ditangkap musang

Anak ayam mencari, terus cari ibunya yang hilang

Oh kasihan...oh kasihan...aduh kasihan...

(Aisey... this soundtrack seems not fit for this story la) :P

Then, Tuty found a cave, and hid quietly in it. As the fox arrived and about to enter the cave, Tuty got an idea…

With a big voice, Tuty said… “Hey, Mr. Foxy!!! I am a hungry giant! I want to eat u now!”

The echo caused her voice to become louder and bigger, hence the fox ran away.

* * * * *

That was the story from the TV programme Trek Tek Tek some 27 years ago. Does any of u remember?

Anyway, the story inspired my elder brother to name his bantal busuk as Tut after the brave chick. Tut was a maroon pillow sewn with a quarter of dark blue patch, that Acik brought here and there during our childhood days.

Well, kids are always associated with bantal busuk (smelly pillow), or soft toys that they carry everywhere they go during the day and bring to the bed with them when it’s time to hit the sack. Some carry real benyek pillows (lack of kekabu filling), some carry teddies or bunnies-whichever they find adoringly smelly enough to be their best buddy.

Aside from Acik’s Tut, I also have mine. It’s a green rectangular pillow, with stitches of two eyes… but it didn’t have a name. So, I didn’t have many memories with the bantal busuk, but I was so attached to a comot teddy with no eyes, until Mak gave it away to someone’s grandchild who liked it while they came visiting!!! That’s alrite…the teddy was a bit lasam by then. Haha.

Ina’s Yaiy-yaiy was the most popular one in the family. It’s a maroon benyek pillow with one of the corner re-sewn after constant biting by my little sister. Hence the name Yaiy-yaiy (the sound made while biting the pillow).

The beloved Yaiy-yaiy parted from the owner when she gave it away to Along (our eldest sister), when she started her study in ITM (now UiTM). Ina was about 6 or 7 by then. I wonder how hard it was for her to part from the buddy, but bcoz she loves Along so much, she gave it to her.

I made one (hand sewn) for my darling Cikebum during the nine beautiful months, just bcoz I wanted a personal touch. It was completed during my confinement (just imagine the dilly dally) but I hardly see him holding it...

However, recently Cikebum willingly took it and hug it before having his bonbon and fell asleep., esp. when we r in the car. That really put a smile on my face.

His name? Let’s call him Jiji… for Cikebum’s gibberish way to pronounce ‘Gigi’.

Eheh..Tiada kena-mengena dengan Jiji Triplecolourlife ye. Hehehe :P

Perhaps u can tell by now how does it get its name ;)

What about u? Do u or your junior have one?


  1. oja elek..

    nak tido dia mau nenen + nak dok bwh ketiak mama jer.. bau busuk ketiak mama dia lali kot..hihhih

  2. p-na,
    adam pun selama ni asyik cium ketiak & bonbon mama dia je...tu yg dia x pedulik ke Jiji tu kot.

  3. oohh...same lah..aliah doesn't have specific one. Ibu dia jek yg dia suke :p tu psl bila outstationh ssh tido! skrg tido pun nak 2-2 ada (ibu, papa and nenen).

  4. adam i ade bantal busuk, tapi takdak nama, panggil "pillow' jek. Kalau Bf mesti ada pillow skali...

  5. hihih.. tp comei la gigi adam..beli kat mana tuh?

  6. salzahari,
    jenuh nak mengiring sambil BF dia. xboleh buat keje lain kan? last2 mamanye tertido sekali :P

    amik le gmbr pillownye tu. nak nengok skit!

    aku jahit sendiri, oii...nak customize la kununnya.
    sebab tu yg ada defects sana sini. tp xpe la...yg penting, mama's personal touch. poyo x? :P

  7. alahaii rajin btul mama die ni..siap buatkan bantal busuk yg comel plak tu..

    afif takde bantal busuk tp suka berkepit bawah ketiak busuk aku hahaha..

  8. tut....where r u now?????

  9. pa, your tut... bukankah hilang dibawa arus sungai di depan rumah! hehehehe....

    ada sinambungan Jr Tut...

  10. farah,
    i wonder how the kids can stand our 'sweet smelling' ketiak eh?

    mofis & is@r,
    ya betul... acik,aku rasa ibu kesayangan hang dengan hati yg sungguh dermawan telah tanpa sedar menyumbang ke arah pencemaran sungai. kena suruh lakiku saman ni...hahaha

  11. eceh....ada BERAN (berani) ka...dek sham mau saman tok mun? hehehehe...

  12. aiii..bela MIL kesayangan nmpk?!!
    (angkat2 kening).



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