Wednesday, July 15, 2009

What I Do for a Living?

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When I was a li'l girl... I imagined myself being a

Whoahh... tak hengat!!!

I also thought of being a...

See... the influence of Tujuh Penyiasat, Lima Sekawan, Hardy Boys, Siri Salma, Alfred Hitchcock. Kah Kah Kah!

As I grow, being more rational, I changed my ambition to becoming an architect.

though I hadn't a clue of the job scope.
In fact, I still don't know the architect, QS, planner, developer, contractor, etc. All I know is that they are in-charge in constructing buildings.

So x sedar-diri, I also once wished to become a...

Only to realize later that for this job, u must get good grade in Add Maths too. Hahaha.

However, here I am...being an academician a.k.a LECTURER.

Oops! I don't have a pix of myself giving lecture. Hence this one :P

It was quite a smooth path; when I finished my degree, I worked and got the scholarship I applied for. Went off to DownUnder for my Master.

Well... holding this post is not that easy. If teachers have to deal with young learners, I would have to liaise with teenagers & adults. Y'know... students at this age are tricky, the bureaucracy, etc.

Anyway, I love my job. Am enjoying it very much, despite the headache to juggle teaching, research & management tasks at once.

And it's nice when u have thoughtful students like GG (who gave me this b4 she left to Terengganu) & her classmates who are my mentee.

Not to mention the previous batch (Firdaus, Najma, Adi, Shila & the gang). They without fail would make it to any events at my home (doa selamat, after giving birth, open house, BBQ-for-no-reason, etc.) esp. bcoz they know MrHubby too. Some even call me 'Kak' after they finished their term, that's how close we are.

Anyway, in the past I have done various jobs such as...
  1. Manufacturing Technician (High Value Inventory)
  2. Tutor/Home Tutor
  3. Waitress
  4. Clinic Assitant (Klinik Bersalin, tau!)
  5. Telemarketing Exec
  6. Environmental Control Officer
and that will have to be narrated in other entries. Hehehe.


  1. i want to be a lecturer soon ;)

  2. chipsmore,
    welkam to the club! but dont u ever think that being one, u just have to conduct lectures. there's more awaiting u.

    wekkk :P
    mamapasha jeles. hahaha

  3. my cousin pun lecturer.. tapi dia study non-stop sampai PhD... plus tak pernah keje lain.. perghhhh!

  4. emmm rindu la kat puan is.... teringat masa zaman dolu dolu masa puan is ngajar saya... hikhikhik...

  5. suealeen,
    keje2 lain yg i buat tu, dari lps SPM smpi la b4 i became a lecturer.

    i dulu lps master, ada dpt projek utk PhD terus, tapi nak blk dulu sebab...
    1.nak kutip pglmn ngajar dulu.
    2.nak kawin
    3.nak gi PhD dgn family
    4.nak dpt gaji jalan (bukan elaun je)
    5.nak dpt bos yg baik mcm my boss skrg.kalau blk later, ntah sape2 la jd bos.

    ntah apa2 je masa awal2 dulu saya ngajar kan? hihihi. mesti hampes je :P


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