Friday, July 3, 2009

Sarakids' Mini Open Day

It was only three days, but the Workshop on Text Book Writing that I attended seemed sooo tiring and boring and suffering and whatever-ring-u-name-it!
Whew! Who's to blame? This girl la... for registering herself!!! Duh...

Well, actually, it's not that bad. But thinking that there's no wifi (it detected but wouldn't connect, why eh?)... it made me more stressed. Ye la kan...

I need to peek into my blog (plus to update), tawaf-tawaf friends' blogs, check emails, etc. instead, I was left stranded. My only choice was to update my industrial training report or work on the final exam questions (that's if I chose not to listen to the talk).

Anyway, it's, I think I better post the entry on Sarakid's Mini Open Day last Sunday.
Basi pun, basi la...janji aku pos.

Well...we arrived late bcoz I was having a photoshoot in KL. We almost decided not to go, but since our home is just nearby, we're gonna pass by that area anyway.

I was keen one to meet up blogger friends...Hehehe. Tu la...muhibbah sangat!

Amongst those I met were
MommyLyna -she seemed very bz, but that's alrite
Suria - met her the nite b4 at Watie's

Azzamoro -sempat bergambar sebelum balik
Farah - sekali dengan Azzamoro
Watie -mommy vogue yg dari smlm x abis2 vogue nye
Siti -tak pasal2 aku join bergambar masa baru sampai
Munira - nampak seimbas je masa nak amik hadiah

E-car Nazrin - my 1st time meeting her. We'll change stories about the headache of PhD eh? I wished I met more people :( Tu la gatal datang lambat sangat! Padan muka!

It was almost an hour later that I got the chance to meet the organizer, Fara.

It was a bit funny when we discovered that I was her senior (during the diploma years), and that was only after I said that she looked familiar and started to dig the history. Bukan jejak kasih dah ni...dah tahap jejak kasihan dah...

I live in the neighbourhood, yet we never bumped into each other.

Anyway, here are some pix of the event (grabbed from u-know-who-u-are blogs) and more pix will be uploaded later...

sarakids & pic salam 030 (Large)

One for the camera before we dismissed...


  1. salam..hai mcm kenal je sapa punya gambo yg ramai2 tukan??

    x marah cuma tegur je :)

  2. hahahaa..belum basi ..belum basi...ahaks! pandai jer hang ..vogue lah sangat haku nih ..ahhaha.. kalau dah kendong anak takder ke mana nya vogue tuh! kahkhkaa..hilang semua..

    wah..harus aku copy paste gambar yg reramai letak kat blog aku ..ahahaha..aku takder gambar yg reramai tuh ..

    hihi ..nak gelak dengar jejak kasihan ..pasni leh lepak Sarakids selalu..:)

  3. intan,
    hehehe. kan mak dah ckp...grabbed from u-know-who-u-are. sbb merata i amik, dah x larat nak list.
    anyway, credits 2u eh ;)

    haku x kira. kendong x kendong...mesti maintain vogue. hahaha.
    p/s: wei, gmbr tu tuannye ada kat atas tu ha... :P

  4. nice to meet u again. & jeles ngan badan ko yang kurus..keh keh

  5. babe..
    i pun blum buat entry psl nie lg.. agknye klu i buat nnt msti dh basi-berkulat2 entry tue.. haha..

    i nk ciloks gmbr kite b'dua yg vogeh itew (watie, hg pun vogeh gaks..)

    neway, nice to meet u.. meh lar kite sesamer pecah kn pala buat PhD nie..huhu..xde gengs serabut-palo-hotak nie wehh..

  6. azzamoro,
    tapi tu la kan..tiap kali jumpa, malu2 tenuk nak borak.

    silakan mencilok...
    mak smpt lg nak prepare utk pecah kepala. 2011 is a long way to go. hahaha


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