Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Enhancing BM production

With regards to the World Breastfeeding Month, I'd post two, three entries on this topic.

Cikebum’s 22 months now. That means I have been expressing liters of the love feeding from my body since the day he came out of my womb.

For those few months too, I have been keeping worries of What Ifs.

What if my BM is lack of nutrient?

What if the supply is not enough?

Yada yada…

And my main concern is to enhance the breast milk production.

Since then, I took all measures I could to make sure the stock is enough.

(Read: stock that is ‘fresh from farm’ bcoz I no longer have it expressed since the past 7 months. Haha)

When people say spinach could help, I consume spinach.

When I read that radish is good, I made my tastebud forget how bitter it is, just to ensure that my baby got the best.

When I was told that jantung pisang is effective, without fail I would put it in my lunch plate whenever I see it, putting aside the side effects like angin dalam badan.

Anything, dear… Anything.

There’s only one thing I am a bit reluctant to do. Drinking powdered milk.

I could still tolerate unflavoured fresh milk, but please don’t make me throw up what I have eaten. To date, I have only drunk that milk several times, and that was bcoz we did not have Milo at home.

As an alternative, I put dollops of ice-cream and blend the milk with ice cubes.Result? Yummy milkshake!!! Hehehe.

And I did all that just bcoz I want to make sure that my munchkin got what he is supposed to.

Now I don’t worry that much anymore if he doesn’t wanna stop his bonbon craving. I believe it will automatically stop when it’s time. That’s what most paeds say and most BF mommies told me.

Afterall, it’s in Allah’s hands. So, I’ll just leave it to Him….


  1. u x express? then mcmana bagi bila kerja?

  2. skrg dah x express.simpan je smpi balik.
    sementara nak blk tu, x la bengkak pun. dah x berapa byk susu kot.

    jgn risau, kalo simpan smpi lps ofis hour, susu x sempat btukar menjadi keju!!! hihihi

  3. mmg yummy la kalau buat milkshake hehe..sama la kite pon takleh minum susu tepung..so solution minum susu soya..

  4. farah,
    make sure soy milk tu ada nutrient secukupnya. syg pulak kalo nutrient tu x pass down to afif.

  5. minum susu tepung aje kagak bisa lu.. payah is.. hahahaha.. jangan papanya adam yg bengkak aja udah.. minum susu kaya nutrien..qehqehqeh...

  6. hmmm same la, I didn't consume any powdered milk throught and post pregnancy. can't take the taste!

    Yup, true...somehow when my lil' one reduced his 'suckling frequency', I noticed the depletion in supply...I guess its a true demand-supply chain at work!

  7. mamapasha,
    wekkk :P kutuk aku ye?
    ngomong2, bear udah jwb belum---susu kamu udah beda rasanya nggak?

    rasa mcm nak muntah kan? hehe.that's why when i PROUDLY show offed to my hubby that i'm drinking the milkshake, dia gelak je...katanya, eleh..mengelat letak aiskrim byk2 mmg la sedap!

  8. hehehe yelah...took me ages to finish a so-called choc flavoured anmum...in the end, tak abis pun...half only...


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