Thursday, July 30, 2009

Say cheese for cheesecakes

It was Summer 2005. I just arrived in Brisbane for about two weeks. Considering my birthday was around the corner, and wanting to teach my hsemate how to bake a cheesecake, I made one.

That was nothing difficult, bcoz I had baked a few similar cheesecakes before that. So, it's the same recipe, same ingredients, same methods, etc.

However, when I took it outta the oven... this was the outcome...

Astaga! I forgot that different ovens have different settings :P

The top of my cheesecake was burnt even though i had it in for only an hour at the same temperature I used back home.

Therefore, I had to 'edit' it and transform it into an edible one. This was how it looked like slightly after.

Not bad, ay?

We even invited the landlady (my godmother), Mary to have tea at our place, and guess what she said?

"Oh...gorgeous! Is this home-baked? It tastes good!"

I felt like rolling on the floor, but had to hold it :P Home-baked, man!!! Hahaha.

Oh...I dont have the pix of the tea. Anyway, here's some of the tea we had at her lawn (the house is attached but we have our own lawns).

Mary, Sally & me

Oh, by the way, if u experience the same...don't panic!
U can always slice the top part and top it with something else.. chocolate, caramel, berries, any type of fruits or a sour cream topping

Anyway, last Friday... despite being bz with the exhibition, I managed to kidnap MamaPasha for our cheesecake project. That was crucial, bcoz her hubby (BerryBear) has started asking when are we gonna make it happen :P

This time, this was the result...

Perasan jadi Bree Hodge jap.

MamaPasha and the cake.

MamaPasha also made this for Cikebum... Cute, right?

And these were the captured moments of the u-are-my-buddy between Cikebum and Pasha.

It didn't last long, though. Well, the grass is always greener on the other side :P So, whatever is in Pasha's hands seemed better to Cikebum's eyes. Vice versa.


  1. What hapenned to the cake? X pe janji sedap n ingin mencuba...nice try..give me some..huhuhu

  2. I had a different experience baking a cheesecake. My cheesecake was kind of flopped down. The taste was okay and my kids still ate it and called it ice-cream! haha

  3. isabelle..ape ni resepi manee??gamba je mane aci!!! isk isk byk stroberi..setakat ni i berjaya buat bread pudding je...cake2 blom berani lagi.

  4. eh, gmbr ala2 bree tu menjadi la. especially dgn baju yg ala2 high neck and berenda2 tu. kelasss u!

  5. miela77,
    i believe different ovens need different settings. hence my cake turned out being a niger than the usual caucasian :P

    nur, nura, nurad, yani,
    good look is just a bonus point. lawa2 pun, kalo x sedap..xguna gak.

    uish ... nak resepi ke?
    xsusah pun buat dia.

    hahaha. mcm poyo je kan? bree la sangat!!! :P

  6. pudding cheese kata bear.. hahahahaah... biar aja ku yg habis kan.. sedaaaaaaaaaappp..

  7. betul la isabelle, ala2 bree gitew!
    weh... post la resipi, jgn kedekut! kalau ko cari food tester utk experimen memasak ko, call jek aku, anytime, cececewahhh...

  8. sedapnyer yang ade byk2 strawberry tu...

  9. mamapasha,
    ahhh..abg tu... asal x jadi, dia yg pertama kutuk kita.
    dia juga yg pertama abisin semua kali ya? hahaha minta resep tu. ntar dikasi, jadi puding, gmn coba?

    okay..akan ku poskan nanti....
    sbg mbalas jasa kau kasi resepi spesel aritu.

    jgn terpengaruh dgn stoberi tu. tu cadangan hiasan je.hihihi


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