Monday, July 27, 2009

What's that? Donuts

The campus is not crowded as usual at the moment. Last Friday has seen many students leaving the campus with their suitcases when informed that they were given off classes due to the H1N1 outbreak.

Unfortunately, we staff had to apply for leave if we wish to be off work, bcoz it is considered as the mid-term break (apparently the Raya holiday will be shortened to a week). Gosh!!!

Anyway, today I wanna talk about donuts...

The ring-shaped friedcake is just a delirium!!! Big Apple, J.Co, or Dunkin Donuts - they're just my favs! I am yet to try Krispy Kreme donuts.

Yesterday, MrHubby wanted to treat me with this super-sweet dessert. So, we went to the Dunkins.

That creamy caramel iced coffee is definitely for me.

Us. Just the two of us.

Little Cikebum?


Exhausted after lazing at home (the day was beautiful yesterday, wasn't it?) and tired following Mama for grocery shopping.

Later, when he woke up ... I bought one more for him. Yumm...yummm....

Just like the cupcake craze, donuts can be attributed to a growing demand for high-end treats that can double as gifts too. U see... few weeks ago, MrHubby got this from the students undergoing practical training under his supervision!

And he wasn't as excited as I was upon seeing the box!!! Show me some donuts in front of my eyes and I'll just go mad (oh yes... I'm a cheapskate!)

These were the donuts in the box. After eating one, we purposely left the other in the box for Cikebum to discover by himself later.

This was what happened after fetching him from the sitter's place...

Wat tettt?

(I love the way he tried to mimic us)

Hmmm... apparently, my boy has a sweet tooth too, just like his Mama.

Frosted, glazed, with filling- we love 'em all.

One sweet doughy goodness for Ayah...

...and another bite for Mama.

Isn't he adorable?

Yes, I know donuts are high in calories. Bear in mind, they are not designed for the health-conscious and no one needs to make apologies for that. Give in to temptation and have one. Or perhaps two or three.


  1. terliurnya..meleleh air liur neh....

  2. makngah want kendonut tooo...
    Adam cute!

  3. sedapnyer..pic ni buat aku lapar... dahla pose..

  4. loh aku kirain libur jg?? udah nunggu2 telpon nih aku nya.. btw bagi dong donatnya tante, adam.. segigit ajah!! :P

  5. bestnya donut! isabelle bole la, mkn donut byk2 tp figure tetap menten... kalo i la, huhu.... dah slamat... slamat ke perut and hips!

    ps; u really shud try krispy kreme. they're the best!

  6. yatie chomeyl,
    hmm..drool..drool.kena pulak kalo posa kan?

    adam dah jadi mcm iman.nmpk kedai dunkin pun dia dah sebut "donut..."
    (err...depa ni reti membaca ke?)

    kesiann...arini kalo dah x posa, tengok la blk gmbr ni. sib baik aku taruk gmbr amatur je.

    kalo tante minta, adam mesti kasi.
    eh,next plan steam cake atau apa?

    tengah2 pregnant tu la best nak mkn mcm2.

    i will definitely try it (tapi x gi kat mall yg ada outlet dia lagi). donut ada gak yg pegi ke perut :P

  7. depa cam signboard tu la... sekali ajaq ja or tunjuk depa dah kenai... ala.. turun dari sapa? dari hang ngan acik la jugak. menghafal segala mcm benda. hehehe...

  8. is@r,
    yg tu dulu ja. la ni cepat pelupa dah.mkn semut byk sgt kot.


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