Friday, July 10, 2009

My better-half (tagged by Reitak & Yaya)

Venue of the 1st encounter with ur partner
Putrajaya, Block C4 Parcel C to be accurate-we were reporting for duty. I already had a boyfriend, but notty me was keeping an eye on him! :P

Ur personal opinion on his attitudes/character when u 1st dated
He's cool (Chenta kontrol macho, eh?) and seemed like the PapaBeaR I have always imagined.

The dating place where he expressed his feelings to u
There wasn't a particular place for this session, I suppose. Hahaha.

How long was the courtship before u tied the knot?
We just kinda started courting 3 months before I flew off for my Masters, hence, we gave it a try for 1.5years (of long distance relationship).
Back to Malaysia, I only had 3 months to prepare, and then started the journey as Mr & Mrs. SAM.

How old is ur marriage now?
2 yrs 7 months and 2 weeks.

The surprise he ever did to u …
I should laugh before completing this sentence. His surprise almost never worked on me :P Perhaps I have very high expectations, or I just happen to know the twist and turns of relationships?

Your/his future plans …
Oooh...that's for us to update from time to time.

How does he entertain your kid(s)?
This is extremely crucial, esp. when I'm losing my mind. He's good at looking after Li'l Cikebum, but when it comes to soothing, my bon-bon is still the best. Oh yeah, lately, Cikebum enjoys 'wrestling' with him while he's taking a rest.

His relationship with your family/relatives...
U tell me. Whatever he said he's trying to find, very soon My Abah will make it happen. Mak is an exception la. Acik cliques so well with him, my sisters claim that he's the best bro-in-law (don't deny, oii..u haven't many choices!)
Most of my siblings said that they wish the in-laws are like him. Cewah! X hengattt!!! Yet still we refuse to be the favourite ones on both sides!, I wanna kepochi about these couples...
My other followers...including MrHubby. hehe

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