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Most people love surprises, I suppose. Without them, life would be so boring bcoz there would be nothing to look forward to.

In relationships, as a couple get to know and understand each other better, they naturally enter into a comfort zone. This is the stage when stories of personal life are shared, mutual trust is created hence strengthen the bond in the relationship. Don't u agree with me?

I myself find it boring if we feel so comfortable that the need to impress one another as during courting days is no longer important. What? A routine? Oh...puh-lease....break the pattern!

MrHubby... hmm... let's see.
His suprises never worked... okay, okay... let's say MOST OF THE TIME, they didn't work.

He has put several attempts to trigger my excitement on those special days, but well... I always ruined it. Not bcoz I am as stupid as Susan Mayer (Desperate Housewives)- prolly bcoz my expectation is too high or bcoz I know every twists and turns of relationships from the previous experiences. Hahaha.

But that's alrite.

Amongst the moments that I consider a surprise is...

The surprise bouquet of lilies.

But that was still not 100% a surprise bcoz of the stupid florist. Read here.

Other occasions were on birthdays, anniversaries...but as I said, those are expected. (Gosh! I hate being ahead at times like this. Stop expecting too high, Isabelle!)

Perhaps, many ladies/girls out there are longing for surprises, only to be disappointed by the naturally less insensitive creature. What to say? Guys are afterall still guys. They are not that good in expressing themselves. But that doesn’t mean that they don’t care about you.

Guys, u don't have to spend much to make us happy. There are many other sweet li'l things u could do... that doesn't even cost u a single cent. Google la sikit!

Okay lemme offer a hand... This one is taken from here.

20 ways to surprise your love
  1. Cook dinner. When your sweetie gets home from a hard day at work, have a meal waiting for him or her! It doesn’t need to be anything elaborate, but it can save them some time, and help them unwind.

  2. Have someone else cook dinner. Better yet, have someone else cook! You can either order in pizza, Chinese or gourmet, or hire a local chef to come to your house to create a masterpiece in your own kitchen. This is a great way to say "I love you!"

  3. Send flowers or a gift to work. Catch them when they least expect it! Send a bouquet or a gift to your honey at work. It will make coworkers envious and let your love know you were thinking about him/her.

  4. Show up at work. Instead of having something delivered, bring it by yourself. Or show up at lunchtime and ask her out to an impromptu lunch - even if it’s a walk to the deli to pick up a sandwich.

  5. Plan a trip and don’t tell them where you’re going. Take a day or a weekend and plan a trip to a place your honey has always wanted to go…an amusement park, a bed and breakfast, or the closest city. Tell your sweetie to pack a bag, but refuse to tell them where you are going - if necessary blindfold them on the way there. Or if you're planning on spending a night at the finest hotel in your town, pack the bags yourself and leave a note telling them where they can find you. Once they figure out your surprise, you will be a hero for planning something so romantic!

  6. Make something. Go to a make your own pottery place and create a custom vase. Or make a card on your computer. Or knit a scarf. Taking the time to make something for your mate always means more than picking something up at the mall, so let your creativeness shine through!

  7. Compile pictures. Collect pictures of the two of you and create a photo album or a CD-Rom showcasing your memories. Alternatively, create a photo collage and frame it as a gift. It will show your partner that the memories you share mean so much to you.

  8. Send them to a spa. Pamper your love by banishing them…to a spa! Whether it’s one service, or a day of relaxation and/or beauty, this will be a surprise that will last for a long time. Even better, surprise them with a couples massage at a spa. Here, you receive massages side by side, so you can experience the relaxation together!

  9. Write a poem. So you’re not Shakespeare, but a sonnet from you is more magical. Take pen to paper and, using your lover as your muse, try to create a few lines describing your love. It need not rhyme, just be sure to let your feelings come out. You can even copy it onto parchment paper and create a scroll. Finally, rather than just hand the masterpiece over, why not read it to the intended…the impact will be greater!

  10. Serenade. Sing them a song! A love song, while preferred, is not necessary - get as goofy as you want. You can even create a movie scene by singing from the street so that your lover must come to the door or window to hear your music. Even if it’s just karaoke, a classic serenade is a romantic ploy that never goes out of style.

  11. Paint a portrait. Pull out your watercolors (or Crayola’s) and draw your lover’s portrait the way you see her. It is something that can be fun for you both and your talents will surprise her. If you are more prone to stick figures than still life, though, you might want to explore any of these other options…

  12. Clean the house. Or even just a room. Make life easier for the one you love my making sure they come home to a serene environment. Putting the dishes in the dishwasher, Swiffering the floor and tossing the garbage is enough to make your partner sigh when s/he walks in the door.

  13. Pick them up from the airport. Is your sweetie away on a business trip? Why not show up at the airport with a sign and a smile? Sure, the company could pay for a limo, but after a long flight home, your face (and thoughtfulness) will outshine any company perk!

  14. Striptease. Not for the faint of heart, but you can take your lover’s breath away with a little taste of a striptease. For amateurs who may be a little self-conscious, you need not go all the way. Even the idea will surprise your mate and leave him wanting more!

  15. Place perfume or rose petals on the sheets. With some scented lined spray or actual rose petals, you can transform your bedroom into a royal boudoir! Add some candles and soft music and your sweetheart will be shocked at the new mood in the room!

  16. Draw a bath. After a long day or at the beginning of a fun weekend, draw a bath for your honey. Be sure to pull out all the stops - bath oils, salts, bubbles, scrubs, candle, magazines. Then watch your honey blissfully melt into relaxation!

  17. Light candles. Find every candle in the house, bring them into the living room and light each and every one of them. When your partner walks into the room, it will be a beautiful romantic wonderland!!

  18. Jump in the shower. Next weekend, when your honey takes his morning shower, surprise him by jumping in with him! It will kill two birds with one stone - you get clean and he gets a surprise!

  19. Buy tickets. Surprise your companion with tickets - to anything! A movie, a play, a concert a museum….it will be an outing you can both enjoy - together!

  20. Massage. Instead of sending your sweetie to a spa, do it yourself. Pamper her with a personalized massage. She will love you for it! Be prepared - you may be called upon often for a massage once she learns of your massage prowess!
I can't list down too many. If MrHubby read this entry, it wouldn't be a surprise anymore. Hehehe :P

Back to MrHubby's story. Bcoz his surprises never worked while mine seemed to be perfect most of the time, he has 'warned' me not to make surprises for him anymore. Bcoz that makes him feel bad. Hahaha. Nak tergelak pun ada.

But then, last week he packed the breakfast for me in the kitchen and upon arriving in the office, I took it out to start eating. Accompanying the food, this was what I found...

And I was smiling ear to ear while enjoying the food. U see, it becomes the sweetest little surprises when we least expect it!

Planning little surprises for your love would definitely spice up your love life, going a long way in maintaining the flames of love. So, if u want an interesting love life and make him/her happy... why wait?


  1. coulcn't agree more about making surprises. :D

  2. oowwhh romantiknyee!! n very creative..tak pernah terpk plak nak tulis i luve u kat tisu tu..haha good info!

  3. huhuhu..fork+spoon???
    ni mcm ugutan kasim selamat nak butakan mata ja;p

    butakah chenta!

  4. nur,nura,nurad,yani,
    it has to be done once in a while, right?

    try it. or perhaps leaving a small note in the pocket of his office shirt.

    hahaha. tapi xkan dia nak ckp
    "i love u, so please prick ur eyes blind" kot...

  5. i like those ideas.. tengah nak buat semua surprise2 ni sebab dah lame tak buat..:P

  6. sangat setuju! lil surprises will spice up the relationship. good post, thumbs up :-D

  7. WAAAA......memang forever sweet la pn Is & hubby....very creative...he's very good in making surprises....
    Feel envy already...haha...

    And good tips for the guys...


  8. yaaa, i love surprise..! :D
    lagi best kalau buat ala2 treasure hunt... huhu, hubby ku buat ku meraba dalam peti ais... :P

  9. mumy,
    perhaps my hubby is the only person who dislikes surprises.

    dont forgrt to post an entry later...i wanna know whether it works or not.

    drama mama,
    thanks.unfortunately, i couldnt write more examples. kang dah x surprise utk mrhubby.haha

    dah kawin nnt,kena la dtg tuntut ilmu ye?

    smpi dlm fridge tuuuu...ganazzz


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