Saturday, July 25, 2009

Luxury-who doesn't want it? But...

Does any of these statements sound familiar to u?

"We used to be very poor. Thank God, now we live not only comfortably, but also in luxury"
(Wearing a smart executive shirt with sharp creases, complete with a red necktie & black suit --- fashion of a successful man)

"I'm glad I decided not to work for someone else anymore. Now that I am my own boss, financial freedom is certain."
(Hitting the golf ball directly into the cup with one shot and takes his golfing cap off)

"I get support from my family members. I am glad that they joined, so now we are all rich"
(Holding the spouse's hand, surrounded by smiling family members)

"I was a chauffeur, but now I am driven by my chauffeur to the places I wish to go."
(Standing in front of his bungalow, next to his new black luxury car, with his thumbs up)

"Don't u want to earn more money and retire early like me?"
(A young granddad sitting at the gazebo having a cuppa while watching the grandchildren playing)

...bla...bla...I am glad I discovered... (ayat tambah Ajinomoto) ..bla..bla... earn big money...bla..blaa... the next Donald Trump...bla...bla... dignity...bla..bla...

This is good, man! U find ur downlines and u get the incentives whatnot.
Oh yes, sure u say that as long as u do not goyang kaki (u have to look for downlines a.k.a persuade/influence other to invest like u) it is considered as doing work. that case, please refer Ustaz Zaharuddin's explanation here or MamaAsrar's simpler versions here and there after her husband attended a talk on this topic.

Recently, a new ads on the telly says...

"Syukur... now I have enough money to perform my hajj pilgrimage."

Wah!!! Ini sudah lebih!!!
This is the strategy to get the poor illiterate villagers to make loans with the bank to be invested in something they might not be able to do. Please la...don't give false hope to these people by cheating them. They have had enuff.

Think, mates...Use your brain!

Rewarding the uplines with cars, cheques with many zeroes at the back of the number and all that is just a small payback compared to ur contribution of bringing in more investors (downlines) into the company.

Yet these uplines go around saying that the business is so promising that the potential to earn 25k to 30k in a year is a sure thing.

"What are u waiting for? Come join us and change your life!"

Cewah! Tak hengat punya ayat. I know, most success stories from MLM are true, but just look at how many people made it and how other people are just sick of being cheated. In real life only 1-2% of the members actually profit in the long run, the rest tends to give up after a year and all the money invested just goes down the drain.

Well, life is all about learning from trials and errors. U'll never know if U have a hidden entrepreneurship talent until U try. Or U'll never know U suck at business until U try as well.

To claim that everyone in MLM will earn 5-digit income is obviously a lie, so take it with a pinch of salt!

It's up to u, though... whether or not to join it. DO NOT TEPUK DADA TANYA IMAN.
Go read more, seek advice from ulama/ustaz and then only u decide.


  1. Agree with u, Isabelle..before nak get involve in MLM, better understand the concept. Kalau org atas asyik dapat duit byk2..but kita kat bawah teraniaya..itu sudah salah. Satu lagi, kalau sampai jual produk harga beribu (motifnya nak cover income org2 atas), inipun not right.

  2. chipsmore,
    lain jenis MLM, lain modalnya.
    ada yg less than rm100. ada yg beribu.

    i have seen people 'at the top' in the MLM, convincing others that they could be like him/her too.tapi kalo kita tegur, dia kata pulak...
    "dengki la tu.u xnak kaya, jgn masuk campur.."

    x pasal2 dia tambah dosa.
    1. tipu org ajak MLM
    2. tuduh org dengki

    so...kita tolak je la dgn selemah2 iman.

  3. cuba baca artikel sini utk penerangan yg lebih jelas. malas nak godek html, copy paste je la hehe.

  4. agree with u isabelle...thanks for sharing

  5. mommy lyna,
    TQ for sharing.

    no worries ;)

  6. good info isabelle..saya pon pernah gak terjebak dlm MLM ni..mmg bukan semua beruntung dpt balik modal yg di invest dan keuntungan berganda2..

    skang ni dah malas nak join mane2 MLM ..saya lebih rela buat partime tuisyen dgn gaji yg cuma ratus2 je tu tp hati puas dan lebih berkat!

  7. farah,
    so have i. perhaps i'm just not good at this thingey.tapi elok la....
    if we were good, mesti dah byk dosa kita kumpul.

  8. Wow!! Good article! I have the same point of view as ure..ur article caught my eyes..and true, how these people are scamming those poor people to invenst into sthg, that they themselve do not know how to achieve, pity them!

    Two thumbs up for the article!

  9. TQ abbysue.
    well,let's thank God that we don't commit the same sins twice.


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