Thursday, July 23, 2009

Bowling game that bowls Adam over

Activity last Saturday was taking Cikebum out to bowl with Firdaus (my ex-student). We went to Ole-Ole Sect.18 and after waiting for about half an hour after the SUKSES tournament finished, we got a lane.

My darling Cikebum choosing the bowling ball.

Mama, I want this one!!!

Oh, is it number 9? I tot it's no.6 upside down.

Yeah, skittles... I'll drop all of 'em.

Firdaus- poyo je keringkan tangan bagai. Strike nye tak jugak :P

Come, Ayah teach u how.

Yay!!! gets into the longkang la, Ayah!

Anyway, Cikebum seemed to enjoy the game very much that he "Yay!!!" everytime we dropped the skittles. Prolly he's confused why Mama still "Yay!!!" although the ball she rolled didn't drop any skittles at times. Hahaha. Mama over!

Came the second game only that MrHubby & Firdaus showed their bakat terendam... eh! I mean, terpendam. By then, Cikebum is not interested in the games anymore. He's more into exploring other lanes, choosing the balls, and mengorat kakak in the next lane.

After that, we went to the nearby game center and Adam wanted to ride the so-called Thomas. Look at his facial expressions....

1st Round (yay! I'm riding the train)

2nd Round (muka cuak) The train was moving fast.

3rd Round - "Mama... let me outta here!!!"

So, I had to hold his hands for the last few rounds until it stopped.
Hahaha. Tadi kau yang beria sangat nak naik, nak oiii....

At least, U are lucky, dear... Mama, MakLong & PakNgah dulu seumur hidup berapa kali je merasa naik benda lagho nih...

The next one was the racing between Ayah & Adam.
Iye iye je Ayah tu dgn kona baringnye. Telinga tak cecah jalan ke, bang!!!

We really had fun... and hope the li'l one, too.

BTW, does any of u know if there's any kid-friendly bowling centers in Klang Valley? I mean, those that provide facility for kids bowlers like penghadang kiri kanan of the lanes and perhaps the sloping palang for them to roll the ball (like in some countries)?
Wahhh...ini sudah kena pengaruh Teletubbies!!! :P


  1. wah,aku dah lame tak main bowling... kempunan lak tgk gambar ko neh...

  2. moh le kita bwk adam2 kita gi main.
    (sbnrnya mak bapak yg nak berbowling). hahaha.

    ish..tapi kalo ko terer, xnak la aku..

  3. aku pon sama yaya..jom kite buat gather2 main bowling plak nak?

  4. mcm best jek men bowling kt ole² tu.. x penah lak jalan² smpai atas tu.. huhu!

  5. mak aih..
    adam dh pandai buat rambot spike bagai!!
    ni mesti keje mama gojes die nih!..


  6. farah,
    moh le kita ajak yg lain sama...
    p-na mama oja tu dok 'sekentut' je dgn ole2. kalo dia x dtg, siap dia.

    try la gi situ.diorg ckp the lanes are waaaayyyy better than alam sentral's.

    GG, mama, like son la.
    i hv been wondering how to style his hair. so, amacam..ok x?
    BTW, do u still have the 'blues'?

  7. alalala sian adam nanges naik tren...

  8. oyis,
    dia yg nak sgt naik. sekali, nangis daaa...

  9. Isabelle, rasenye penah nampak bowling center yg provide penghadang kiri kanan for kids yg nak main bowling. Kalo tak silap kat Summit USJ, Subang. Kalo tak pun kat OU. Tak sure la tp rase cam yg kat Subang tuh. Hehe! Kalo salah, ampun... :p

  10. hmm..dah agak tu mesti keje mama die!!
    itu baru boy, bile kuar gurl nnt,
    hadoiiii...kte tgk je la ape jd!!

    BLUES?? heheh..

  11. anna arieyanna,
    ye ke? thanks for the info. nnt i check.
    kalo x betul pun, x kisah least i try cari.

    kalo babygurl... dia kena pakai tudung/selendang lilit2 mcm mama.hahaha.
    x pun, gila topi mcm mama dia dulu.


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