Monday, October 19, 2009

Epilation-is it worth the pain?

Hey peeps!
How is it goin'?
I've been pretty bz at work, anyway the desire to blog is just unbearable.

Today, I wanna share with my blogger friends about hair removal. Okay, this sounds a little embarrassing, but I think everybody has hair aside from the hair on the head (facial hair, underarm hair, leg hair, pubic hair, etc.)

There must be a reason that Allah created the hair, but much to most people's annoyance, they have invented various ways to get rid off it by waxing, sugaring, threading, tweezing, laser treatment, yada yada...

Oh well, not to say that the hair is useless, but it might be unsightly to see ladies (especially) raising their arms to wave at the taxi with that
au naturale hair. Awww!!!
Perhaps the beach scenery might also be disgusting with ladies in bikinis with protruding hairs coming out of the underwear..heeeheee... :P

So, how do u remove the hair? I mean, the underarm hair (Stop imagining hair on 'that' part!!!).

Julia Roberts' hairy armpits that made headlines.
Would u have the confidence like hers?

I rarely shave the underarms. Anyway, Farah Mylildreamz have also blogged about the effects here.

Most of the time, I pluck with tweezers but well, this method kinda takes forever. And if u are lazy to do it, the hair's gonna grow long enough and it's just unpleasant!

I have also tried waxing. But it's easier when someone else does it for you compared to getting the courage to rip off the strips yourself!

Another thing I have tried is the depilatory cream (read:Veet). It leaves a silky soft skin on my legs. Best tau! Alamak...we are supposed to talk about underarm hair, not others.

Anyway, lately I have been thinking to put my first attempt at epilation. Never heard of it? Okay..lemme tell u...

Epilation is a method of hair removal which removes hair at the root (like waxing or plucking). The epilator looks rather like a ladies' electric razor, but the mechanism is by plucking out (using rotating discs) instead of the hairs being sliced off.

Prolly it sounds painful, ay? But I have no clue whether or not it is worthy.

I have read some tips on the web, but am still not convinced to purchase one.

Do I have to wait for the hair to grow long enough before epilating again? If yes, that's gonna be a pain in the butt!

Would it leave ugly red dots that wouldn't go away due to damaged hair follicles?

What's the chances of hair breaking off instead of being completely pulled out? Or would the hair become finer after a long time?

Please...please share with me :P


  1. hi isabelle..
    i ve been using epilator for few years and the result it marvellous, the new grown hair is softer...
    dulu i wax tapi i rasa wax tu sangat melecehkan..kecuali kalau gi wax dekat spa..
    so i beli jer epilator.. i rasa berbaloi, beli sekali it cos u about rm100++ and u can use it forever...

  2. before using epilator, i guna traditional way of removing my armpit hair which is plucking it with tweezer. tapi bila mengandung, my malas syndrome was so heavy i let it outgrown and it was really disgusting. so i opted to buy epilator dgn harapan semuanya senang and true enuff it makes my armpit business so easy dan yang paling penting time saving.

    you invest about 100++ but the return lagi besar dari tu.

    tapi kalau tanya i epilator mana yang bagus, i rasa lagi senang battery operated because u can do it discreetly anywhere, anytime.

  3. better dan wax ke? hehe nak cuba jugakla camni...apesal hari ni semua citer pasal ketiak ni hahaha

  4. Lady of Leisure,
    Ye ke? nih. nak kena pi beli cepat2 ni b4 'the hair' grows long. hahaha

    Confirm la nak beli kalo mcm ni.brand apa yg u guna ekkk?

    Arini ari ketiak sedunia kot.hahaha

  5. mak main cabut jer.. teleng leher jap..huuhhu..
    nak kena beli gak nie.. leh jimat masa...
    bagus gak hg wat entry nie.. klu x aku x tau pe benda alah epilator tuh..huuhuh

  6. jorok lu is! shave aja lah gampang.. klo rajin ya cabutin.. ;)

  7. heard of it, tp x pernah beli. pada yg dah pernah guna tu, sakit kah? mana lg sakit dgn threading or waxing?

  8. erk...apsal akak tak pernah dengar ek benda2 ni semua...nnt kalau dah beli tangkap gambarnya yahh

  9. pna mama oja,
    teliang kepala xpa, janji tiada lagi rumput2 yg mengganggu pandangan. hahaha

    aku gak pede sampe kyk loe. hahaha.
    tapi gara2 mo beli epilator, jgn2 ntar sham kasi ini hadiah anniversary gw. hoho

    i think x sakit sgt kot.tapi kalo sakit pun, i redha je la.sbb kata lady of leisure, hasilnya bagus. hahaha

    biasanya diorg jual dkt dgn electric shaver/trimmer. nnt kalo dah beli, saya promote ye. hahaha


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