Monday, October 5, 2009

Quiver shiver

This morning, I found myself shivering outta the blue. As I was checking on the last touch of my makeup, I sorta have a chill but tried to ignore it.

Two minutes later, when I was about to leave the house for work, I felt this weird inner shudder convulsively. And it went on although after I took my breakfast.

It didn't stop until now, but has somewhat toned down a lil bit. I still have this funny yet freaky feeling, wondering what could it be.

Help! Help!!!
Does it have anything to do with the menses that upset me?


  1. lor awat cukup rest p cek ker...huhuhu moge2 takde aper2 laa :D

  2. nak pi check pun, x tau nak ckp apa kat Dr.
    hmmm...ntah la ye. hrp2 sume ok la.

  3. lorr.. awat gitu.. go go chaiyokk..
    kena amik supplement kot.. x cukup tenaga ker..

    aku laks kena sindrom mls nak wat keja nie..huhuh

  4. peknen kot? ye ye..abg iman & adam nak dpt adik.

  5. did u find out why? hope u feel better soon...

  6. errmmm better check, could it be the contagious virus hitting mommies bloggers lately? (wink!)

  7. pna,
    hang ni...aku ingatkan sindrom apa la. kalo sindrom tu, mmg dah selalu serang aku.

    malangnya tidak.huk huk.

    i didn't do anything. it just went off bila dah petang.

    hahaha. i wonder why was i nervous then? ada nak menang apa2 contest held by bloggers ke? hehe


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