Tuesday, October 20, 2009

It's raining meatballs!!!


After a very longgg wait, eventually at the age of 25 mths, MrHubby & I managed to bring Cikebum for his first movie.

Well, I believe most of u face the same problem--- going to the cinema with the little ones. Even if I have a maid or my MIL around, I might not have the heart to leave Cikebum behind with her.

Actually, I have been keeping the desire to do so since months ago. We wanted to watch Up, but it wasn't showing in cinemas anymore after so many weekends of delay.

So, this time...we picked this movie- Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs!

It's a delightful movie with quirky, imaginative stroyline about a boy who became an inventor. And oh yes...as u could see in the poster, the sardine town really had food falling from the sky like rain!


us, in the cinema b4 the movie started

I'd say there's countless laugh-out-loud moments that makes the movie outstanding.

Above all, our fear of Cikebum misbehaving in the darkness ended up with laughter. He really enjoyed the movie from the very beginning, and laughed together with the other audience.

What's more interesting is bcoz he could name the items/food that fall from the sky and sometimes he broke the silence with his chuckles (with both hands on his cheeks). How I wished I snapped a photo of him doing that! Cute!

Well, perhaps u should also give it a go. It's not an average computer-generated movie and it really took me by surprise!

Hmm...now I'm really looking fwd for another movie, but that has to be of the family/comedy genre too to avoid Cikebum going up and down the stairs and starts making noise!


  1. hahaha. adam mmg behave. mklm la naik keta BHV. hehehe.
    wei, bila nak p lost world of tambun?nak ikuttt..

  2. pls share the tips to get them stay and well behave thru out the one-half hours 'journey' !

  3. wah adam mesti cute time dia chuckled and putting his hands on the cheeks tu kan

    teringin jugak nak tengok this movie! taktau dah keluar,tapi tak berani lagi la nak bawak irfan hehe

  4. salzahari,
    well, we distracted him with his fav bun & drinks. and y'know...his eyes were so round upon seeing that 'huge TV'. haha.
    sambil2 tu, sembang le dgn dia about what is shown on the screen that looks familiar to him.

    drama mama,
    try la. irfan will love it. kalo dia setakat bising sikit2 tu, i think biasa kot...sbb maybe ramai yg bwk budak kecik gak tengok.

  5. hurmm... me too wanted to watch up but then still tak berkesempatan.. haha.. wah! adam is so behave aaa... good boy!!! susah tau nak dpt budak yg behave dlm cinema nih.. so lucky of u.. :)

  6. fizamior,
    ktorg gamble jer. kalo x try, xtau boleh ke x. but he seemed to enjoy every single minute. sempat bf pun, bdn i kena senget so he could still watch while BF.

  7. waaaa.. udahberhasil bawa adam nonton di bioskop??? perlu kucoba nih.. congrats mama!!

  8. hang balik mai...kita pi bukit merah jer.. ramai kata lost world xbesh!


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